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Candice Warner APOLOGISES to Sonny Bill Williams after 2007 toilet tryst was dredged up in the media

Candice Warner has apologised to former NRL star Sonny Bill Williams and his family  after their 2007 ‘toilet tryst’ was dredged up in the media earlier this year.

In the lead-up to the ball-tampering scandal, Candice was taunted by South African cricket fans for the brief sexual encounter that happened 11 years ago.

Candice, 33, has since claimed that the pressure her husband David Warner felt to silence her critics inspired him to mastermind the ball-tampering scandal.


‘Imagine how his wife feels’: Candice Warner has apologised to Sonny Bill Williams after their 2007 ‘toilet tryst’ was dredged up in the media during her husband David’s ill fated cricket tour

Speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly on Thursday, the mother-of-two reflected on the scandal that made her a tabloid fixture for years.

‘I finally received a weak apology from Cricket South Africa [for the fan taunts]. I realised they’re the ones to feel ashamed, not me,’ she said.

‘I’d like to extend that apology to Sonny Bill. He’s a husband and father, so imagine how his wife would feel and his kids.

‘It’s been 11 years since that happened, it’s time to put it to rest and get on with things that matter.’ 

Candice, who also revealed she suffered a miscarriage amid the Cricket Australia ball-tampering affair, was ruthlessly targeted by South African fans leading up to the ill-fated third Test in Cape Town in March.

Photos had surfaced on social media of fans wearing tasteless Sonny Bill Williams masks in an attempt to get under David’s skin.

The controversial masks were in reference to a ‘toilet tryst’ that occurred between the New Zealand rugby player and Candice in 2007, years before she met David. 

Candice fled Sydney for Perth due to the scandal that followed, later telling the ABC that she regretted the encounter but did not deserve the backlash that followed.

‘The thought of the pain that I went through, I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody, even my worst enemies,’ she recalled.

After former vice-captain David became embroiled in the ball-tampering scandal alongside captain Steve Smith and player Cameron Bancroft, Candice publicly declared she ‘blamed herself’ for her husband’s involvement.

‘Without a doubt and that’s the hardest thing to deal with because I feel like it’s all my fault,’ she told The Sunday Telegraph in early April.


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