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Cannabis: How to grow and improve the buds’ quality

Weed is a plant with certain different classes. Weed can be grown indoors, although outdoor cultivation is easier and simpler, growing it indoors is also not impossible. For beginners, there are some tips and tricks which they need to keep in mind before getting started.

Buy Seeds labeled as “Feminized”

Weed plants can be both, male or female. When it comes to weed, the female plants yield plump flowers known as buds. The male plants are smaller as compared to the female plants, which is why people prefer to go for the female ones. When you are buying seeds, then always make sure to check out the label and go for the feminized ones as they are easier to grow and are better than the male ones in general.

Seasons and the recommendations for the beginners

For growing the weed outdoors, the recommended season lasts from around April to October. If you can’t wait and want to grow just now, then that doesn’t mean they won’t grow, but that means if you plant the seeds now then they’d still yield the flowers but not with that much perfection and the quantity would also not be the same.

Buying a large clone with more branches is the best that one can do as it will yield more flowers and you will get more of the stuff. If you are a beginner, then don’t go for more than three pots of five gallons as if one of the pot dies, you will still have two left. Besides this, it is recommended to mix your own organic soil.

If you don’t feel like mixing your own soil, then buy Pro-Mix soil. If you are using organic soil, then you will need to add water, but make sure that you are just adding water, not overdoing the practice. The one mistake that people make while not realizing is that they add too much water and too many times in a day. Watering every day is also too much, so if you are thinking that how to know if the plant has enough water, then pick up the pot, and if the pot is heavy then it means the water is enough for now.

How to know weed is ready for harvesting?

The one sign that you need to notice is that they are ready when the buds start to get swollen and are packed pretty tight. For beginners, it’s a bit hard to decide, but another thing that you should keep in mind is that if you have started in August, then by October your cheap weed is ready to be harvested. For harvesting the grown weed, there are different methods.

One is cutting the whole plant from the base and hanging it upside down at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, make sure to add a fan here, else the room will become really humid and that can cause mold to grow, rendering your crop unusable.

How to check if the plant is ready for trimming?

To check, perform a brake test on every branch of the plant, if the branches bend quite easily to the point that they can break, then they are ready. If they are done, then it’s time to trim off the buds and seal them inside a jar. Opening the jar after about four weeks is important as it lets the moisture escape. Once, the moisture is escaped, then your weed is ready and you are free to use it whatever way you want. If you find this task difficult, you may buy weed from Save on Greens today.


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