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Car plows into 7 people in wrong way crash in Pennsylvania

  • Driver in Mountain Top, Pa. plowed into pedestrians on a residential street Friday 
  • The car was going the wrong way on the street when it hit into seven pedestrians
  • Five of the people that were hit were children, one was in a stroller
  • The crash happened in front of an emergency room doctor’s home who treated the injured until help arrived

Police say a car traveling in the wrong lane has plowed into seven people, five of them children, on a street in a residential development in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The crash happened around 1pm Friday in the Mountain Top area near Wilkes-Barre.

 Five of the victims were flown to the hospital. Police said the driver of the vehicle is in custody.

The street was closed off after seven pedestrians were moved down by a wrong way driver Friday in Mountain Top, Pa

They’re still determining what led to the crash.

Photos of the scene showed a car with a shattered front windshield on someone’s front lawn.

Neighborhood resident Eric Wanchisen tells The Citizens’ Voice newspaper that the collision happened in front of the home of an emergency room doctor who treated the victims before help arrived, including a baby who was in a stroller.



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