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Car Tuning: How does it work?

RaceMe tuners

Those who only drive cars, but have never really paid attention to its maintenance, won’t know how to tune a car. There are car owners who would directly seek the services of RaceMe tuners, which is a business that offers customers high-performance tuners. On the other hand, some car owners would want to tune a car on their own, but do they know what tuning actually means?


Tuning is improving the performance of a car, so that it responds to the needs of the user. Those who don’t understand tuning, they might end up fitting the wrong parts of a car for their needs. For this reason, they should establish goals and targets, and follow them from the start. They should also consider the parts that they would need to properly tune a car.


In order to improve an engine, the car owner would have to feed it more air and then aid the elimination of exhaust gases. A cold air intake system or a short ram, would make the car engine breathe better. This would also improve the overall output performance of the car. Even though it is expensive, a cold air intake system gives more power to the car, compared to a short ram.

This is because, while the cold air intake system has long piping, the latter has a short piping system. In order to assist an engine to breathe, car owners can also buy a catted exhaust system. This system would be more of use in place, with smog laws.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and tyres are so important for a car, and if they are tuned, then that would automatically improve the performance of the car. A car owner should always choose alloy wheels, because it reduces the burden on the suspension system. The suspension system responds better, and doesn’t have to work hard on keeping stock alloys on the ground. To improve the performance of the wheels and tyres, and also the cornering agility and control, the user should get wider tyres. Wider tyres always allow the car more road grip.


Tuning is about enhancing the brakes. For their enhancement, car owners should get performance oriented brakes, instead of the stock brakes. Performance oriented brakes lifts the performance of the car to a whole new level. The driver would feel a certain level of confidence, while driving, and can push the car to its limit.

ECU Remapping

For ECU remapping, a car owner should seek the services of RaceMe tuners. ECU remapping should be done by a reputable tuner, or else the driver won’t be able to utilize the gains that remapping offers. It is one of the most simplest and practical ways to make a car perform better.

Tuning is not a simple job. There are so many parts on a car that need maintenance, because they have a direct impact on the performance of a car. For example, in an engine alone, there are multiple parts like air cleaner, air flow meter, intercooler and camshaft. Tuning simply improves the performance of a car, and helps it last long.