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Care home worker, 54, accused of raping dementia sufferer, 76

Himwanth Ramkishun, 54, is accused of raping a pensioner with dementia at a care home where his wife was the boss

A laundryman accused of raping a dementia sufferer in a care home was caught by a condom found and handed to the police by the manager – who is also his wife, a court heard today.

Himwanth Ramkishun, 54, is accused of leaving the contraceptive behind after allegedly carrying out the sex attack on a 76-year-old woman at the home in Devon.

It was later recovered by carers and given to the defendant’s wife Ivorine Ramkishun, who was also the duty manager at the home, a jury was told.

Mrs Ramkishun called the police unaware that the condom contained traces of her husband’s DNA, prosecutors claim.

Ramkishun has gone on trial at Plymouth Crown Court accused of raping the elderly woman.

He denies having sex with her at the care home between June 8 and June 11 last year.

Ramkishun told police that he accidentally touched the condom after it had been recovered, leaving behind his DNA.

Prosecutors claim that he planted two other condoms in coat pockets to try and ‘deflect blame’.

David Sapiecha, for the Crown Prosecution Service, opened the trial by saying that the woman could not look after herself and could not make ‘rational decisions’ or consent to sex.

He added that staff changing her incontinence pads found the condom on the morning of June 10.

Mr Sapiecha said that Mrs Ramkishun was called to recover the item as the duty manager.

He added that she took the condom to the office and called the police.

The barrister said the contraceptive was forensically tested and found to contain traces of Ramkishun’s DNA ‘deep inside’.

The court heard that Ramkishun had access to all the rooms to sort the laundry.

Mr Sapiecha suggested that Ramkishun ‘panicked’ and put the other packets of condoms in the coats to deflect blame.

He told the court said there were no traces of semen but the genetic material could be found in skin cells.

He said that the defendant told police he had accidentally put his hand on the condom when it was on a desk in the office.

He added that the condom had not been turned inside out and when Ramkishun was challenged about his DNA on the inside, he claimed it was ‘impossible’.

Mr Sapieca said: ‘The reason why he needed to come up with an excuse is that he was the one who had sexual intercourse with her, but she could not give consent, so he raped her.’

Carer Sharon Phillips told the court how she and a colleague had initially found the condom while preparing the woman for a bath.

She added: ‘I initially thought it was a latex glove between her legs. I was fuming to be fair. I called Ivorine, the nurse in charge.

‘The rest of the day was a complete blank. It was really surreal.’

The court heard that the victim passed away some months after the incident.

Ramkishun, of Plymouth, is on bail. The trial continues. 

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