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Caroline did the SmartPoints plan for 12 weeks – with some amazing results

Caroline did the SmartPoints plan for 12 weeks – with some amazing results 


Caroline – Before and After

Where I grew up in Malawi, meals were big. We never needed an excuse for a party – and they revolved around feasts of fried chicken and fish. In many ways it was lovely, as there was no shame around food; a healthy appetite was a badge of honour. And, as a teenager, I was only a size 12-14.

That all changed in my 20s. I’d been living in the UK a few years and my diet was thrown upside down by a busy lifestyle and lack of interest in cooking. I relied on takeaways and ready meals, and when I did cook, it was often big and fried. By 25, I was a size 18. I tried lots of diets, from cutting out carbs to the Cambridge Diet, but they never lasted long – I’d get excited for a couple of weeks, then lose interest. And the weight crept on; I remember shopping for jeans and the only pair that fitted was a size 22. I felt horrified.

My blood pressure was off the charts, I was struggling to walk upstairs and, when I got home from work, my feet were swollen. I knew I was too young for this.

The greatest thing about SmartPoints is that it has helped me change long-ingrained habits. I taught myself how to cook, then realised I can make dinner in the time it takes to get a takeaway – and it’s cheaper. I’ve made simple swaps, like having cauliflower rice instead of regular rice; I always carry fruit with me; and I turn off the TV to enjoy meals properly.

Caroline - After

Caroline – After

I never imagined that I’d become a runner, but I needed to get moving, and plodding around the block was free. Slowly, over time, the miles starting building up and I’m proud to say I’ve just run my first half marathon and achieved my personal best time.

My health is better: my blood pressure is a healthy 118/76 and my colds have tailed off. I’ve got heaps more energy and my skin looks better. I’m so much more confident – I feel I can achieve anything I want to now. If I’d known how small the adjustments were and how much better I’d feel, I would have started thinking ‘Smart’ years ago.



Caroline, 35

Lost: 2st 1lb

Height: 5’11” 

Start weight: 15st 6lb 

Current Weight: 13st 5lb

Unlike a lot of my friends, I’m not the kind of person who likes to spend two hours in the kitchen – I want to be in and out. So I’ve learned to grill and go.


I’ve gone from doing nothing to running seven miles, five times a week. The hardest bit is still forcing myself out of the door, but I have bought some lovely bright kit, I put my tunes in and I never regret a workout.


Losing weight has made me bolder. I’ve ditched the black tents for prints and figure-hugging dresses, and I’m training myself to accept compliments.