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Carpet python swims in family’s Brisbane pool: Snake goes for a dip on hot summer day

Incredible moment dad and his kids watch a massive snake casually swim laps in their backyard pool

  • Brisbane family bewildered after snake swims in their pool 
  • The carpet python was seeking shelter from 32C day  

A swimming snake has stunned a dad and his kids after it casually slithered into their backyard pool for a quick dip.

The huge carpet python caught the family off guard on Thursday as it tested the waters in their Brisbane pool on a blistering hot day when the mercury hit 32.3C.

Carpet pythons are non-venomous snakes found across the north-east coast of Australia, including in Brisbane.

Another Brisbane family had a carpet python escape into their pool and hold its breath underwater for some time after they tried to remove it from their property in 2020. 

The snake from Thursday was caught on film by the father, as he and his two kids commentated the snake’s movements.

A metres-long Carpet Python has bewildered a Brisbane family after going for a swim to find respite from the 32C heat on Thursday (pictured)

There’s a SNAKE in our pool!?? | ABC Radio Brisbane

“Umm, there’s a SNAKE in our pool!??” 😳 It’s been such a scorcher lately that even the local snakes are taking a dip! ABC Radio Brisbane host Rebecca Levingston spotted this one taking refuge in her family’s pool. WILD.

Posted by ABC Brisbane on Monday, January 30, 2023

At the start of the footage, the father and one of his kids were surprised to see the python turn towards the pool.

‘Not sure if you want to go in there bro,’ the father said as the snake started to lean into the water.

‘Hope he can get out.’

The snake then quickly poked its head out of the water.

‘I don’t think he likes the water,’ one of the kids said, as it started to submerge itself.

‘Oh wait, yes it does.’

The snake can then be seen slithering around while keeping its head above the surface of the water, seeming to be looking for an exit.

‘I reckon he’ll be able to get back out, he should be strong enough,’ the father said.

‘There’s a snake in our pool, now he looks bigger,’ one of the kids said to the other.

A father and two kids watched on and commentated as the python made its way around the family's backyard pool before that dad says he should 'call someone about this'

A father and two kids watched on and commentated as the python made its way around the family’s backyard pool before that dad says he should ‘call someone about this’

‘Um, there’s a snake in our pool? Excuse me?’ the other kid replied.

‘Might have to call someone about this,’ the father said as the snake started struggling to find a way out.

Social media users took to the video quickly and left comments on the snakes beauty and the family’s commentary.

‘I love this, brilliant commentating in the back there,’ one user wrote.

‘Beautiful, loved hearing the children’s concern for their visitor, from this I concur dad is a good man,’ a second commented.  

‘Pythons are really good swimmers and climbers,’ a third user wrote. 

‘I’ve seen them swim across creeks and climb near vertical boulders on the other side.’ 


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