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Gap between asking and selling prices for property widens in strong buyer’s market

Sellers are knocking more off property asking prices in a bid to get homes sold in what is increasingly becoming a buyer’s market, new data suggests. On a... read more

Move fast for a Help To Buy Isa with only six months remaining

Help To Buy Isa, which pays average bonus of £899, to be withdrawn from sale on November 30 By Sylvia Morris For Daily Mail Published: 00:44 BST, 29 May 2019 |... read more

Are the walls crashing down on the cheap online estate agent boom?

Online estate agents promise to sell our homes quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of their High Street rivals. But, as thousands of us put our homes... read more

MPs call on Tesco Bank to prevent ‘mortgage prisoners’ and sell to active lender

Tesco Bank can’t guarantee customers’ home loans will be sold to an active lender, as MPs express fears over ‘mortgage prisoners’ 23,000... read more

How to Market Sell Yourself as a Financial Advisor

A career of a financial advisor is a challenging one. Nonetheless, for a professional dedicated to their work, it’s also a dynamic vocation that helps you sta... read more

How to Start and Maintain Your Emergency Fund

Working with a financial advisor can help you get in the habit of saving and develop a plan to start your emergency fund. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and you... read more

Five UK homes that cost less than £50k to buy

With the average home in Britain costing more than £200,000, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s impossible to buy a property for a quarter of... read more

Young people are far more likely to move into a smaller home than the elderly

Generation Downsizing: Young people are far more likely to move into a smaller home than the elderly as soaring property prices stop them moving up the housing ... read more

Wonga may be no longer but beware new lenders looking to rip you off

Out of the wreckage of payday loans, a new breed of loan shark is emerging – and it is preying on the most cash-strapped and vulnerable. A Mail on Sunday inve... read more

How to Make Payment Easy for Your Online Customers

Making it easy for your online customers to pay is important if you are to increase your conversions and sales be it as an entrepreneur or organization. It is f... read more

How to avoid inheritance tax when you pass on your wealth

Of all the taxes we have to pay, inheritance tax is perhaps the most hated.  And given it has cost the British public £5.4billion in the past tax year alone ... read more

Online Marketing: A Backbone of Trust for All Business Start-Ups

The impact of Digital marketing over the population at large is more because of being lazy than the ease of shopping, isn’t it? Even you have this feeling som... read more

Four reasons to hire Process Server in Toronto

A Process Server is somebody responsible for serving legal documents, usually to a defendant involved in a legal case. Process servers are most useful for vario... read more

Is HSBC’s new cashback Rewards Credit Card worth taking?

HSBC is the latest UK bank to launch a rewards credit card that can earn users cashback when they shop. Available to HSBC Advance current account customers, the... read more

More Productivity Today: Tips for Getting Your Business Working Better

If you’re running a business, you don’t need to be told that competition is fierce and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s important to seek out every adv... read more

‘Spring bounce’ for the property market fails to materialise, ONS data shows

House price growth remained fairly stagnant through March as a predicted ‘spring bounce’ failed to materialise, new figures suggest.  Average house... read more

Equity locked in homes plummets in a decade

Equity locked in homes plummets in a decade due to rising age of first-time buyers and slow house price growth By Samantha Partington For The Daily Mail Publish... read more

Don’t write off offset mortgages: Unfashionable deals could still be a good flexible option 

Mortgages for savvy home- owners who want to use their savings to cut the cost of their debt are this year making a return. In the past two months, the so-calle... read more

Why Tesco Bank’s mortgage pain means you could save money

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride this week. The pound has dropped to its lowest since January, stock markets have been more volatile than usual as trade talks ... read more

Tesco Bank abandons mortgage lending and may sell off loans

Tesco Bank abandons mortgage lending and plans to sell off its existing loans – affecting more than 23,000 homeowners Bank cites ‘challenging market... read more

NatWest re-enters 0% balance transfer market after 5 year absence

NatWest does a U-turn on 0% credit cards five years after scrapping them, but is its new 23-month balance transfer offer any good? RBS / NatWest boss said in 20... read more

American Express customers face higher Platinum Card fees from June

Customers considering signing up for American Express’s Platinum Credit Card rewards have three weeks to beat an annual fee hike – and get 30,000 m... read more

Small-Scale Business Becoming Effective in Trade Shows

Small scale businesses have the disadvantage of having less resources, and at times, less connection that standing a chance during a trade show is less likely t... read more

House prices in Wales and the North West of England defy Brexit to reach all-time high

Prospective buyers in Wales, the West and East Midlands and the North West of England face hefty price hikes amid ever-burgeoning demand and low supplies. In Wa... read more