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Five common mistakes house buyers and sellers make

It’s easy to make mistakes when buying and selling homes, according to industry experts. Data shows that almost half of all sales fell through before com... read more

Mastercard is putting an end to rip-off currency exchange fees for prepaid cardholders

Mastercard customers using a prepaid currency card will soon only be able to pay in local currency of the country they are travelling to instead of having the d... read more

More than two-thirds would have second thoughts about dating someone in debt

More than two-thirds of people would have second thoughts about dating someone in debt, new research claims.  Nearly three quarters of women said they’d ... read more

How to get a bad credit loan?

Loans are very popular in modern South Africa. But bad credit loans are a big problem. Millions of people annually buy things on credit or take loans. Bad credi... read more

6 Unimaginative Secrets for Creating a Good Web Design

Creating a good web design is the task of a good web designer. For this activity, you need to be highly imaginative and creative to deliver designs that are not... read more

Worked hard for your dream holiday home? Get set to pay £3,000 a year for the privilege under Labour

Worked hard for your dream holiday home? Get set to pay £3,000 a year for the privilege under Labour By City & Finance Reporter For Financial Mail On Sunda... read more

Interest rates will rocket under Jeremy Corbyn – so fix your mortgage now for 10 years

An Englishman’s home is his castle, but yours could be under siege if a public spending splurge follows a Corbyn Election victory. Though the Labour leade... read more

Betting on the Grand National using a credit card could cost gamblers almost £16m

Having a flutter on the Grand National? How betting on plastic could cost unwitting punters MILLIONS in fees An estimated £250m will be bet on the 172nd runnin... read more

Do Professional Traders Use Forex Indicators?!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader with years of experience in the forex market, you need profitable tools and resources to push forward your trad... read more

House prices fell 1.6% in March after ‘eye-watering’ record February rise but still up year-on-year

House prices fall in March after ‘eye-watering’ record rise in February- but they’re still up 3.2% on a year ago February’s record 5.9% ... read more

A quarter of leaseholders were not made aware of what they were buying

Revealed: Thousands of leaseholders were not properly advised on what they were buying – and six law firms could be disciplined A quarter of conveyancing ... read more

How the Best tribal lenders with guaranteed approval for financial needs

Unluckily financial problems do arise in our lives, and they test us and can occasionally be a reason of pressure and worry. Many people often think about their... read more

Hastee Pay and Creditspring: two companies trying to solve Britain’s high-cost credit crisis 

Britain’s addiction to credit is a hard habit to shake.  In January, the country’s official statistician found that household spending was at a 13-... read more

Nationwide: House prices in London fall at fastest pace in a decade

House prices in London are falling at the fastest rate in ten years, figures revealed today. While property inflation has all but stalled across the UK, the cap... read more

How eWallet payments are surging and could displace cash

Paying by contactless increasingly doesn’t even require you to make contact with the physical plastic card. E-wallet apps like Apple, Google and Samsung P... read more

Victory for some leaseholders who have seen ground rents double

Victory for some leaseholders who have seen ground rents soar as developers pledge to ease contracts Over 40 developers and freeholders sign Government-backed p... read more

Gazundering is becoming a serious problem especially in London and the South

Home sellers in the slow housing markets of London and the South East are increasingly concerned about buyers dropping their offers at the last minute, new dat... read more

Switch your home loan now to save up to £3k a year

The true extent of the mortgage loyalty rip-off has been exposed for the first time, revealing 800,000 borrowers are needlessly paying a premium of £1,000 a ye... read more

Will Apple and Amazon launch rival credit cards in Britain?

Amid much fanfare about the launch of its new TV+ streaming service, Apple last night also announced it was partnering with banking giant Goldman Sachs and laun... read more

Help for mortgage prisoners may finally be on the way, says FCA

Help for mortgage prisoners may finally be on the way as financial watchdog looks to relax its own rules The FCA wants to remove barriers that keep mortgage pri... read more

Best 0% balance transfer deal falls to shortest length for 5 years

Top 0% balance transfer deal falls to shortest length for five years raising more concerns over those shuffling BILLIONS of debt around this way Sainsbury’... read more

Just 112 homeowners were given a retirement interest-only mortgage last year

One year after the financial watchdog changed its rules to allow thousands of retired borrowers to extend their interest-only mortgages, This is Money can revea... read more

Why startups in Singapore should hire local app development agency?

Thanh Pham, CEO of Saigon Technology sharing his knowledge about the Singapore app development industry after 10 years working with a Singapore software develop... read more

How to use rental payments to build a credit score

Those who move to Britain or are yet to get on the property may not realise just how important credit scores can be. Alexandra Cheung, a tech consultant who fal... read more