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Sexual touch changes the brain, hormone study says

Girls who are touched sexually at a young age hit puberty earlier than those who do not have sexual contact until later in life, a study has found.    The fi... read more

Mental health days aren’t helping, psychiatrist claims

Mental health awareness campaigns should be stopped, a leading psychiatrist has urged. Sir Simon Wessely, former president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists... read more

Tooth decay vaccine could end visits to the dentist

Dreaded trips to see your dentist could be replaced with a vaccine to prevent tooth decay in the future, researchers predict. The jab, developed by Chinese scie... read more

Premature baby dies 12 days after Michigan mom passes

A two-week-old premature baby who was delivered while her cancer-stricken mother was in a coma has died – just 10 days after her mother passed away.  Lif... read more

Mother has Lady Gaga’s fibromyalgia disorder

Darla Fowler Tarpey, 53, has struggled with fibroymalgia for more than 13 years, the same chronic pain disorder that cripples Lady Gaga. Fibromyalgia is a multi... read more

Davina McCall on how she noticed father had Alzheimer’s

Davina McCall has spoken emotionally about the tell-tale signs she picked up on that made her suspect her father Andrew had Alzheimer’s. The TV presenter ... read more

The healthy swaps you can make at fast food chains

Fast food is cheap and convenient but everybody knows it isn’t exactly good for you. However if you want to indulge but not completely overdo it, nutritio... read more

Holly Willoughby appears her slimmest to date in jumper

She has been displaying her incredibly slender new frame.  And Holly Willoughby once again wowed fans as she posted her daily outfit snap – in which she ... read more

NHS emergency services spend thousands on fat mannequins

Emergency services are forking out thousands on special 25-stone mannequins – so crews can practice rescuing plus-size patients without injuring themselves. T... read more

London man with synaesthesia tastes food as he hears words

A 29-year-old man suffers from a bizarre condition that causes him to taste different foods every time he hears words. Dave Evans, from Willesden Green in Londo... read more

Controversial ‘light’ treatment for ME patients DOES work

A controversial treatment for children with debilitating chronic fatigue can actually help in some cases, a study shows. The Lightning Process – a course ... read more

Bachelorette’s magician Apollo announces his debut single

 He arrived to the Bachelorette mansion in a puff of smoke. And 24-year-old magician Apollo Jackson (real name Jack Spence) will be hoping to have the same exp... read more

Sick premature babies face a care ‘postcode lottery’

Babies born prematurely face a ‘postcode lottery’ of care, a new report suggests. While medical provision for early infants, with health problems or... read more

‘Staggering’ number of women seeking abortion pills online

British women are seeking abortion pills online due to barriers accessing care, research suggests. A new study found some women in England, Scotland and Wales a... read more

One in 7 GP surgeries fail to meet basic safety standards

One in seven GP surgeries are failing to meet basic safety standards, a major audit has found. The Care Quality Commission rated 15 per cent of the 7,365 practi... read more

Health chiefs endorse e-cigarettes for smokers

Health chiefs are today launching a campaign urging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes despite growing safety fears. The vaping devices will be promoted in 30-s... read more

Bachelorette’s Apollo Jackson reveals dramatic weight loss

He’s the hunky magician battling it out for Sophie Monk’s attention and love on The Bachelorette.  And Apollo Jackson has revealed his dramatic wei... read more

App set to transform the lives of dementia patients

A ‘revolutionary’ smartphone app could transform the lives of dementia patients at just the click of a button by telling them how to change their ho... read more

Cleft palate cure given to children in-utero is looming

There could soon be a treatment for cleft palates and lips that will be administered to fetuses in-utero. Researchers at the University of Utah have discovered ... read more

Doctor goes into labor while delivering her patient’s baby

Dr Emily Jacobs’ water broke at the same moment that she delivered her patient’s baby. The 28-year-old University of Iowa Hopsitals and Clinics obst... read more

E-cigarettes with nicotine cause life-long damage to heart

Healthy nonsmokers who used e-cigarettes with nicotine could be inflicting life-long damage on their heart, a study claims. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigs have no co... read more

GPs should warn over lack of evidence on effects of vaping

GPs should warn smokers there is currently little evidence about the long-term effects, benefits or harms of vaping, new guidelines state. The move from the Nat... read more

Alzheimer’s gene found by scientists decrease symptoms

Scientists have identified the gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease up to 12 times and how they can suppress it, a study claims. ApoE4 is a... read more

Exposing children to pets and germs reduces asthma risk

Exposing your child early on to pets and germs reduces their risk of developing asthma, according to a study. Previous studies have shown that reducing allergen... read more