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New pill could convert ‘bad fat’ into ‘good fat’

Scientists have long know that there’s ‘good fat’ and ‘bad fat’ in our bodies.  Now US researchers team have identified a way to... read more

Obese California mother lost 154lbs in 22 months

A single mother of four who booked in for weight loss surgery and lost more than 154 pounds in 22 months following her diabetes diagnosis has proudly revealed t... read more

Opioid-related deaths are shaving time off life expectancy

America’s opioid crisis has affected the nation’s life expectancy rate, new figures from the CDC have revealed. The rate of drug-poisoning deaths in... read more

People with short and wide faces have the highest libidos

If you’ve got a particularly strong sex drive, there’s a high chance you also have a short and wide face, according to a new study. Scientists have ... read more

Woman left unable to walk, talk or feel emotion after fall

A young woman has been left unable to walk, talk or feel any emotion after a simple accident during a romantic break.  Hair stylist Zalehka Price-Davies was on... read more

Essure coil contraceptive implant is withdrawn from sale

A contraceptive implant that has driven women to the brink of suicide has been withdrawn from sale across the world – apart from in the US. Essure, a ster... read more

What lungs look like after smoking ONE pack of cigarettes

A YouTube user has shared a shocking video showing the damage to your lungs and throat that is caused by smoking just one pack of cigarettes. Chris Notap carrie... read more

Study finds toxic levels of mercury in women

Penny Lancaster revealed she gave up fish when she was struggling to conceive Dangerous levels of mercury have been found in women of reproductive age across th... read more

What is the best way to quit smoking?

As part of a weekly series, in association with LloydsPharmacy, Colin Dougall from LloydsPharmacy in Glasgow answers your common medicine queries… Colin D... read more

Girl sent home from school dies next day from meningitis

A 17-year-old girl sent home sick from school died the next day from meningitis.   Penny Lockett’s symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea gradually got wors... read more

Mother had TONGUE cut out and rebuilt using her ARM

A mother has spoken of how she had to have half of her tongue cut out and rebuilt using part of her arm during her agonising battle with mouth cancer. Heather J... read more

Could Hank Gathers have lived?

Hank Gathers was just 23 when he died in the prime of his soon-to-be-blossoming career. The college basketball player had caught the attention of pundits, fans ... read more

NHS urged to end ‘inhuman’ treatment of IPF sufferers

A leading charity is calling for the NHS and health watchdog to end the ‘inhuman’ treatment of those who sufferer from a deadly lung disease. The Br... read more

Having a poorly pet can give you depression 

They’re often referred to as one of the family – so if a pet is unwell, it’s not just the animal that will feel it. Having a sick pet can make its own... read more

Risk of death during a triathlon is higher than we thought

Triathlon competitors may be more likely to die suddenly and suffer a fatal trauma or cardiac arrest than previously thought, new data suggest.  A study of mor... read more

How Tom Ray survived after he has ravaged by killer sepsis

Every year sepsis claims the lives of thousands of Britons, while many others are left with truly devastating injuries.  Much of this suffering is needless, as... read more

Lose weight by breaking from diet two weeks

Move over month-long diets that force you to remove entire food groups or significantly decrease your calorie intake, there is a better way to lose weight. Expe... read more

Obese patients and smokers are REFUSED NHS operations

Patients who are obese or smoke are being refused operations and sent on a six month boot camp. They will be referred onto a six month ‘health optimisation pr... read more

Hurricane Harvey victims get free abortions from clinics

A healthcare clinic in Texas is offering free abortion services to women impacted by Hurricane Harvey.   More than 74 women have already taken up the offer, a... read more

Kristina Rihanoff on how she shaped her post-baby body

Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff revealed how she juggles work with raising her young daughter as she showcased her new range of dresses at London F... read more

Actress Rula Lenska, 69, answers our weekly health quiz

Still performing well! Actress Rula Lenska balances health with indulgence  DO YOU EXERCISE? Yes, I do a lot of brisk walking and a little bit of swimming. GET... read more

Britain begging US physician assistants to fill staff

American physician assistants are being enticed over to the United Kingdom amid staffing shortages – with promises of long vacations in Europe. Physician ... read more

Tips for avoiding potentially deadly bacteria in gyms

While going to the gym is great for your health, few of us think about the millions of bacteria lingering on the weights, machines and yoga mats. Fitness center... read more

Shonda Rhimes opens up her ‘weird’ weight loss experience

She’s the creative force between such TV megahits as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. But that didn’t stop people from... read more