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New pediatric guidance on tattoos, piercings

More young Americans are getting tattoos than ever before, starting as young as eight years old, according to a new report.  As of 2010, 38 percent of millenni... read more

Grand mal seizure shows rare brain disease in child

Jayda Suttie was in gym class when she collided heads with a boy while running. What would have been a bump on the head for any normal child caused a grand mal ... read more

Agony of little girl with sleep apnea

Adam Amdur used to count the number of times his daughter, Mia, stopped breathing while she slept. ‘She didn’t look like an obese child, the stereot... read more

A LOW-CARB diet is better for your heart over LOW-FAT

Low-carb diet reduces fat deposits around heart and waist circumference Both of these measures are known risk factors for cardiovascular disease Reducing carbs ... read more

Rate of older Americans who are ‘healthy’ is increasing

Jane Fonda, 79, stunned audiences at the Emmys last night, looking nowhere near her age. Fonda’s appearance called into question the way Americans have tr... read more

Yolanda Hadid says her Lyme disease was misdiagnosed as ME

Yolanda Hadid has revealed she was originally told by doctors that her Lyme disease was myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sta... read more

NHS chief: Hospitals should offer spas and dance classes

Hospitals and GP surgeries should be located on the same sites as gyms and spas to encourage patients to lead healthier lifestyles, according to NHS bosses. Mel... read more

Carterton granny reveals her six-stone weight loss

A glamorous grandmother has revealed how she dropped seven dress sizes after becoming so large she had to buy a size 22 swimming costume to go to the pool with ... read more

100,000 teens are so obese they need weight-loss surgery

Almost 100,000 British teenagers are now so obese their weight problem cannot be reversed without surgery, experts have warned. Researchers found 2.4 per cent o... read more

Binge-watching Game of Thrones increases health risks

Binge-watching Game of Thrones could lead you to an early grave from dementia, Parkinson’s disease or diabetes, new research suggests. Perched on a sofa t... read more

Texas toddler born without limbs climbs slide in video

A toddler born without legs or hands has melted hearts on social media by climbing a slide all by himself.  In a video shared by his 22-year-old mother Katie W... read more

This Time Next Year’s Cassandra reveals depression battle

She inspired others by sharing her honest weight loss journey with This Time Next Year. And Cassandra Bright has opened up about the depths of her depression be... read more

Breast cancer has stalked my family for generations

Harrowing, exhilarating, overwhelming. Life as a junior doctor was all of those things. But of all the terrifying new experiences I had to deal with in my first... read more

Therapy could offer new hope for MS patients

One of the first patients to benefit, former pilot Sarah Brown, has revealed how the therapy has transformed her health For patients with the incurable nerve co... read more

40 minute laser blast that ends years of leg ulcer pain

Thousands of people are ‘needlessly’ suffering with non-healing leg ulcers because doctors are failing to offer a simple operation that can offer a cure. Th... read more

Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei unveils dramatic weight loss

She’s been open about her struggle with her body insecurities, having seen her weight yo-yo over the years since finding fame. But Geordie Shore’s S... read more

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Why we Britons are so depressed

What is wrong with this country? I mean that quite seriously. Something clearly is not right because, according to new statistics, people in the UK are among th... read more

Drop in cancer deaths, new data shows

Cancer is killing far fewer people in the United States than a generation ago, a new report shows. Thirty-five percent fewer children and 25 percent fewer adult... read more

Snoring can be stopped with five-minutes-a-day exercises

Every night, in homes across the country, bedrooms reverberate with the trumpeting, whistling, whining and grunting of the nation’s snorers. It’s a deafenin... read more

Experts break down the triggers that ruin get-fit regimes

The average health kick lasts less than 12 days, a study has found.  Despite starting with good intentions of eating healthier food, exercising more often and ... read more

Children bullied for being fat WON’T be sad as an adult

Children relentlessly bullied for being small or fat may not go on to be unhappy as an adult, new research suggests. Scientists found that such biomarkers have ... read more

PHE draw targets to cut calories in 75 per cent of foods

Health chiefs have warned that everything from pizzas to burgers, packs of crisps and ready meals will have to shrink in an attack on obesity. The Government wa... read more

Half of Brits would rather give-up sex than sugar

They are, without question, two of life’s greatest pleasures. But, according to new research conducted by Simplyhealth, nearly half of British people woul... read more

Danielle Armstrong rekindles romance with Daniel Spiller

She had confirmed her split from ex-beau Daniel Spiller in August.  But reports have revealed Danielle Armstrong, 29, has rekindled her romance with the Herne ... read more