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Lisa Riley reveals battle to shed a stone of loose skin

She shed 12 stone after putting herself on a strict diet and gruelling exercise regime for 18 months. But despite being thrilled with her weight loss, Lisa Rile... read more

UK mothers among world’s worst for harming baby by boozing

British women are among the most likely in the world to harm their unborn baby by drinking during pregnancy, figures show (Stock image) British women are among ... read more

Inside the Snapchat Surgeon’s operating room 

Once, plastic surgery was taboo. These days going under the knife is like getting a (very expensive) haircut (with side effects). And now, a soaring number of p... read more

End of postcode lottery for cataracts treatment

Thousands of patients will be offered cataract surgery under the first national guidelines to end the ‘lottery’ in treatment. In a victory for the Mail, the... read more

Line-dancing is better than a walk to fight Alzheimer’s

Dancing can help fight off the loss of brainpower as we age After 70, we lose 1% volume in brain region which controls memory every year It is thought learning ... read more

Getting on the plane first is bad for your health says ASU

Priority boarding on a plane is bad for your health and increases the likelihood of spreading diseases, a study revealed. Most airlines board by zones starting ... read more

How to try the ‘fasting diet’ in a healthy way

The benefits of restricting calories on health and extending life span are well established.  Fasting has been used for thousands of years for spiritual and he... read more

Postpartum depression affects MEN too

Postpartum depression has become more visible as celebrity moms including Brooke Shields, Drew Barrymore and Chrissy Teigen have publicly shared their struggles... read more

Women with pre-eclampsia could face effects years on

Women who suffer pre-eclampsia during pregnancy have a higher risk of potentially fatal heart disease decades after their pregnancy, a new study claims. Researc... read more

Does new protein shake to REVERSE hair loss work?

Help Hair Whey Protein Shake is hormone free – other muscle-building drinks rich in growth hormones have been blamed for causing baldness A new protein sh... read more

Eat seasonal produce for better gut health

Eating a diet of produce that is in season can boost your gut health, a new study suggests. Researchers have studied an indigenous group of people in Africa and... read more

The caveman ‘Victoria’s Secret’ diet gives glowing skin

Adopting the caveman, or paleo, diet for a month gave journalist Susannah Taylor glowing skin and a celebrity-worthy physique (and she allowed herself a few che... read more

‘Exercise pill’ tricks body into thinking its worked out

Scientists have developed a pill that tricks the body into responding as though it has exercised.  In ‘groundbreaking research’, they have identifi... read more

Does gut bacteria cause autism? Pathogens alter the brain

Due to a three-way relationship between the brain, gut and hormone cortisol This mechanism is thought to influence how ‘messages’ are communicated B... read more

Are these the ONLY twins with uncombable hair syndrome?

Nine-year-old twins are two of around 100 children worldwide with a rare condition that means their wild blonde locks are impossible to tame. Agnetha and Anja N... read more

Woman lost 20 kilos and became a personal trainer

When her weight loss journey first began, Tori Smith avoided taking fitness classes because she felt too intimidated – and opted for yoga instead. But one... read more

Sugar could be just as addictive as cocaine

Sugar could be just as addictive as cocaine, research has suggested. It has a similar effect on the brain to powerful illegal drugs, scientists warned. It means... read more

Can chemicals in sofas stop you getting pregnant?

Chemicals found in sofas, car seats and even yoga mats may be making it harder for women to become pregnant. Flame retardants used in furniture escape into the ... read more

Kyle Sandilands to lose ’20 to 25 kilos’ with Jeff Fenech

A heartfelt plea from former personal trainer and good friend Jeff Fenech has inspired Kyle Sandilands to shed some weight. Calling-in to KIIS FM’s Kyle a... read more

Exoskeleton suit helps children with cerebral palsy walk

An exoskeleton suit has helped children with cerebral palsy to walk. Experts tested the device on seven children that are suffering from the disorder in a clini... read more

Aetna sued for revealing scores of patients’ HIV statuses

Health insurer Aetna revealed the HIV status of patients in several states by mailing envelopes with a large, clear window that showed confidential information,... read more

Concussed athletes allowed to return before healed

College athletes who suffer head injuries are being given medical clearance to return to play before their brains are fully healed, a new study warns. Brain sca... read more

Minnesota girl with no arms learns to ride a bike 

A five-year-old girl with no arms has defied all odds by learning how to ride a bike. R.E. Pranke was born with bilateral phocomelia, which is a birth defect th... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is accused of deceptive marketing

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness website Goop has been accusing of making ‘deceptive’ and ‘unsubstantiated’ claims about the health bene... read more