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Do YOU know what the sticker on Imperial Leather is for?

Debate has raged for years over the real reason for the label on the Imperial Leather bar of soap. The sticker is known for remaining secure even after weeks of... read more

My best friend FIRED me as her maid of honour because I might get pregnant

My best friend FIRED me as her maid of honour because I might get pregnant before the big day – people are saying I shouldn’t even go to her wedding... read more

The Difference Between Regular and White Glove Furniture Delivery Services in New York

When it comes to furniture delivery, there are two main types of services: regular and white glove. While regular delivery involves simply dropping off the furn... read more

Customer claims to have found Aldi Sprinters Chips in Smith’s Chips packet

Customer’s surprise find inside a Smith’s chips multi-pack: ‘This is a scam’ Shopper claims to have found Aldi chip packet in Smith̵... read more

KFC launches street wear merchandise in Australia ahead of Sydney Fashion Week

Kentucky couture! Fast food giant launches massive merchandise sale – but you will have to be quick KFC has released a huge merchandise collection in Aust... read more

Reddit: Aussies outraged over British ‘parmo’ as parmi or parma chicken parmigiana debate continues

Aussies left outraged by the parmi’s ‘ugly British cousin’ : ‘What the hell is a parmo?’ Aussies are up in arms over British versi... read more

Aldi Australia snow gear sale 2023: Cheap ski jackets, pants and snowboards in May 20 special buys

Cheap jackets and skis! Aldi Australia announce its biggest snow gear sale ever after being force to cancel the popular event last year Aldi Australia is set to... read more

Girlfriend slammed for making her boyfriend pay for her leftover pizza after complaining on Reddit

Furious girlfriend slammed as petty and immature after demanding her boyfriend pay her for her leftovers: ‘It’s my pizza, he can’t have any... read more

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for White Glove Furniture Delivery Service in New York

White glove furniture delivery service in New York is a premium service that provides an all-inclusive delivery experience, including unpacking, assembly, and p... read more

Nat’v: Shoppers are in a frenzy over sustainable intimates brand: ‘I’ve found my underwear soulmate’

This tiny Aussie underwear company is becoming very popular with the ladies: ‘I feel like I have found my soulmate’ Thousands are obsessed with Aust... read more

The Role of White Glove Furniture Delivery Service in New York’s Luxury Home Market

The luxury home market in New York is a thriving industry, with high-end properties and exclusive neighborhoods attracting buyers from around the world. And whe... read more

Princess Anne being next to King Charles III in portrait is ‘significant’

The Princess Royal being placed next to her brother in the King’s latest portrait is a ‘most significant’ signal that he will be relying on hi... read more

Worst celebrity performances as Lionel Richie is blasted for ‘disappointing’ coronation concert

Everybody makes mistakes – even some of the most well-polished performers on the globe.  From being caught lip-syncing to singing off-key, some of Hollyw... read more

My Daily Horoscope: What does May 9 2023 hold for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

‘Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we’ve been, but what we yearn to be.’ So said Spanish philosopher J... read more

Did Kate wear TWO dresses to the Coronation?

The Princess of Wales may have worn two gowns for the Coronation – as the new royal portraits show a gown with a different neckline to her stunning ivory... read more

Man goes viral after demonstrating the ‘correct’ way to eat Airheads candy

A TikTok star has people questioning their childhoods after demonstrating the ‘correct’ way to eat Airheads that supposedly enhances the candy’... read more

Top White Glove Furniture Delivery Services in New York

As a resident of New York City, you know that furniture delivery can be a hassle. Narrow hallways, tight staircases, and small elevators can make it difficult t... read more

I’m a female astronaut and this is what it’s like living at the International Space Station

A female NASA astronaut who spent almost six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has revealed what it was like living 250 miles above Earth in ... read more

Prince William reveals George, Charlotte and Louis are ‘so tired’ after Coronation

Prince William has revealed Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte are exhausted after a busy Coronation weekend. The Prince of Wales, 41, made the con... read more

Prince Louis shares playful moment with his sister Charlotte

Prince Louis once again stole the show this Bank holiday weekend as he joined his parents and siblings for a day of volunteering for The Big Help Out – an... read more

Eddie Hall stunned by VERY surprising contents of £12k storage container he bought at auction

The ‘world’s strongest man’ Eddie Hall was left stunned by the contents of a mystery storage container he won for £12,500 auction.  In a vid... read more

Princess of Wales reveals her affectionate nickname for Prince Louis

The Princess of Wales has revealed an affectionate nickname for her youngest son as she and her husband got their children to roll their sleeves up for The Big ... read more

Prince Louis enjoys some hand painting alongside the Prince of Wales at a scouts hut in Slough

Prince Louis showed off his cheeky side yet again this afternoon as he got stuck in to a spot of hand painting with his dad Prince William.   The Prince of Wa... read more

Duchess of Edinburgh takes part in a class at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Puppy love! Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh takes part in a class at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association training centre in Reading By Gina Kalsi For Mailonline S... read more