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Starbucks Howard Schultz decries Charlottesville violence

Starbucks former CEO, Howard Schultz, joined the growing choir of CEOs denouncing the neo-Nazi hatred, in an impassioned speech to employees about the violence ... read more

Man tries to distract bear from destroying his garage

Never charge at a bear, or it’ll charge right back.  And a video captured on May 24 shows a man loading kayaks onto his truck before he is quickly interr... read more

Democrats call for the removal of Confederate statues

Democrats are introducing legislation to remove statues honoring Confederate figures from the Capitol building. Senator Cory Booker, a member of the Congression... read more

Missouri lawmaker calls for Trump’s assassination

The U.S. Secret Service says it is ‘looking into the comments’ that a Missouri legislator posted on Facebook that said she hoped President Donald Tr... read more

You cannot change history – but you can learn from it 

America is waging a war on history. They’re taking down statues, removing plaques, erasing the memory of a difficult past. This week President Trump asked whe... read more

Alex Nation joins Frankston Bombers for practise session

On Monday, images emerged of Alex Nation and her football teammate Maegan Luxa holding hands and kissing on what appeared to be a romantic date. And on Thursday... read more

Why West Sussex is the best place to be a pensioner

West Sussex offers the best quality of life for retired people in England and Wales, according to a study. Places in southern and eastern England dominated the ... read more

Melbourne fireman says Barcelona attack like Bourke St

MFB Commander Graeme O’Sullivan witnessed the attack from the rooftop of a Barcelona hotel A Melbourne firefighter has said the carnage that unfolded in B... read more

Chickens and rats arrived in Africa on Indian trade routes

Domestic chickens and black rats from Asia were introduced to the east coast of Africa via maritime routes between the 7th and 8th centuries, a study has found.... read more

Man is stabbed and kidnapped in Manchester

A man was stabbed and kidnapped this afternoon before escaping from a car boot ‘covered in blood’. Police are investigating the vicious assault afte... read more

Prince Philip persuaded boys to walk at Diana’s funeral 

One of the Queen’s most trusted aides has revealed how William and Harry were persuaded by their grandfather, Prince Philip, to follow behind their mother’s... read more

The Queen didn’t clap Earl Spencer at Diana funeral

The Queen and other senior royals refused to applaud after Lord Spencer delivered his vitriolic eulogy at Princess Diana’s funeral, even though her sons, ... read more

Floyd Mayweather labels Conor McGregor ‘extremely dirty’

Floyd Mayweather has called on referee Robert Byrd to curb Conor McGregor’s ‘extremely dirty’ tactics when the two collide in Las Vegas. Ahead... read more

Surkus app lets businesses pay people to be fake customers

Surkus, an emerging mobile app, allows newly opened restaurants and businesses to create their ideal crowd and pays people to act similarly to extras on a movie... read more

How Ian Huntley gave away seven signs of deception

A new documentary will examine the signs of deception that child killer Ian Huntley gave away in interviews to the media and police. The programme comes just da... read more

Florida home invasion suspect’s body left outside hospital

Shawn Michael King, 32, a suspect in the home invasion of Shawn Paul Peterson  Police are investigating after the body of a home invasion suspect was dumped in... read more

NHS chief is sacked after Carry On sex ring row

Sir Leonard Fenwick, 70, claimed last night that he had been the victim of a witch-hunt. An NHS boss who criticised his trust for the way it handled a sex scand... read more

Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is diabolical, not a good person

Leah Remini was asked if Tom Cruise was a ‘good person’ while promoting the return of her A&E series ‘Scientology and the Aftermath,’... read more

Robert E. Lee statue at Duke University Chapel is defaced

A statue of Robert E. Lee at Duke University Chapel has been defaced. The damage to the face of the stone statue, which is one of ten adorning the entrance to t... read more

Houston cop is suspended after she’s charged with DUI

Stacey Suro was arrested and suspended from her job as a Houston police officer after she was caught driving while intoxicated A Houston police officer who was ... read more

Dancer Carmen de Lavallade will skip Kennedy Center Honors

The Kennedy Center Honors will be a remarkably low-key affair this year it seems with dancer Carmen de Lavallade announcing she will not attend in a statement r... read more

Manchester bombing survivor caught up in Barcelona attack 

A survivor of the Manchester bombings has narrowly escaped death for a second time after being caught up in the Barcelona terrorist attack on Thursday. Chris P... read more

Did McDonald’s just leak what the iPhone 8 will look like?

McDonald’s may have just spoiled the design of the iPhone 8, which Apple is set to unveil in just a few weeks. On Thursday, the fast food chain emailed Au... read more

Ford self-driving cars might have a removable parts

Ford’s idea of future self-driving cars appears to include a vehicle that can operate autonomously without typical controls, or quickly be reverted to a c... read more