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Artist wants to return Rosa Parks’ home back to Detroit

Ryan Mendoza, the 45-year-old American artist who preserved Rosa Parks’ home last year, is pushing for it to return back to Detroit amidst current events.... read more

The astonishing tale of the ‘Fray Bentos’ WWI tank crew

An extraordinary survival story of how eight British soldiers were able to survive a three-day onslaught inside a stricken tank has only now been revealed in de... read more

Storybook style architecture developed in Los Angeles

A cruise through Beverly Hills, California usually offers just what visitors would expect: sprawling modern and revival-style mansions, with city vistas behind ... read more

Couple accused of ‘having sex’ on Las Vegas-bound jet

The couple were asked to stop touching each other by cabin crew on the jet The Southwest Airlines jet flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Las Vegas on Saturday Police... read more

Driver covers his car plate with a SANITARY PAD

The man was spotted driving along a highway in China on August 18  He used a sanitary towel to cover both of his licence plates The driver told officers that h... read more

Chicago Uber driver ‘locked woman in car and demanded sex’

Muhammad Fahim, 44, charged with three counts of unlawful restraint stemming from July 4 incident  Accused of locking a 19-year-old passenger in his Uber car a... read more

Chinese app allows citizens to hire bodyguards

The company in Qingdao, China is set to launch the app next month Users will be able to hire a bodyguard for as little as £8.15 an hour Bodyguards have to take... read more

Danish Crown Prince Frederik turned away from Brisbane bar

Danish Crown Prince Frederik has been turned away from Brisbane bar for no ID  Prince Frederik, 49, and his entourage were rejected entry from Jade Buddha Bar ... read more

Qld couple found hours after appearing on most wanted list

A couple of Australia’s most wanted alleged criminals have been arrested within hours of their mugshots being circulated online. On Monday Kathleen Grey, ... read more

Simple quiz that determines how connected your family is

If you’re struggling to connect with your children, you’re not alone. Although two thirds of British parents say they’d like to spend more quality... read more

Senator who hoped for Trump assassination apologizes

A Missouri lawmaker who posted ‘I hope Trump is assassinated’ on Facebook has publicly apologized and described it as a ‘mistake’. Senat... read more

Sydney plane bomb was ‘hidden inside a barbie doll’

The bomb meant to murder 500 people by bringing down a plane flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was allegedly to be hidden inside a barbie doll. Lebanon’s in... read more

Daredevil seems to hang off Brazil cliff by fiance’s hand

Luiz Fernando Candeia helps Marcelle Rangel da Cunha dangle over edge of rock Student, 21, appears to risk her life for photo at Brazil’s Pedra del Teleg... read more

Millions of Midwesterners could miss eclipse due weather

It is the celestial event of a lifetime, but millions of Americans may miss the first total eclipse in almost 40 years due to bad weather.  Rain, cloud and fog... read more

Lancashire pensioner is falsely hit with £2k London fines

An elderly motorist has received ten fixed penalty notices worth up to £2,000 over the past seven years for a £200,000 car he does not own. Gordon King, 76, o... read more

Lottery worker faces prison for rigging jackpots

A former lottery worker is facing 25 years in prison for rigging jackpots across five different states and netting $2million over the course of six years. Eddie... read more

London train passenger yelled ‘I want to kill all Muslims’

A 38-year-old schizophrenic man launched an unprovoked knife attack on a train passenger after yelling ‘I want to kill all the Muslims’, a court hea... read more

Pop music is slowing down as people feel more reflective

If your taste in music is slowing down, it’s probably not a sign of you getting older but instead, a product of our troubled times. As we crave mellow mus... read more

Watch Donald Duck help boy take first steps at Disneyland

Will Sample Tweeted the moment the character helped his son on his first walk The Anaheim father enlisted Donald’s help during a trip to Disneyland  His ... read more

Funniest student ID pictures | Daily Mail Online

Having an embarrassing photograph on your passport or driver’s licence is not uncommon. But these students took it to the next level with their ID picture... read more

Swimmer stays on starting block in honour of Barcelona

Fernando Alvarez had his request for a one minute silence refused  Swimmer stayed on the starting block during Masters World Championship The senior jumped int... read more

Conjoined twin sisters from Indonesia share a heart

Conjoined twin sisters who share a stomach and a heart are learning to enjoy life, but their mother says other children are scared of them. Ai Putri Dwi Ningsih... read more

Can YOU solve these maths challenges?

Sums are from the new Asian-style maths teaching techniques  Many British schools are starting to weave them into their own lesson plans Aim to help kids devel... read more

White House braces for thousands of Phoenix protesters

Thousands of protesters could descend on Downtown Phoenix tomorrow as Preident Donald Trump makes his first visit to Arizona since winning the White House. A co... read more