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EXCLUSIVE: What the ‘perfect couple’ looks like in every US state: AI imagines the ideal male and female pairs based on thousands of survey answers

By Stacy Liberatore For Published: 19:04 GMT, 26 November 2023 | Updated: 19:04 GMT, 26 November 2023 At first glance, you’d be forgiven for... read more

EXCLUSIVE: The everyday item that’s pricier than champagne: How printer ink now costs up to £1.85/millilitre – while Dom Perignon is just 27p

It’s something that many Britons use every day without thinking twice. But a new investigation by Which? has revealed just how staggeringly expensive prin... read more

Huge underwater mountain TWICE the size of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, is discovered off the coast of Guatemala

Scientists mapping the seafloor off the coast of Guatemala were in for a surprise after discovering an enormous underwater mountain. The mountain, or seamount, ... read more

HSBC is DOWN: Banking app crashes for thousands of frustrated users across the UK

According to Down Detector, the problems started at around 08:49 GMT  MailOnline tried to access the app, are received a ‘service unavailable’ mess... read more

Fort-NIGHT! £3,599 gaming bed features a built-in 43″ TV, surround sound speakers, and storage for consoles – and means lazy gamers NEVER have to get up again

For many avid gamers, the idea of a 12-hour gaming marathon sounds like heaven.  Now, these protracted sessions can be carried out from the comfort of your bed... read more

How to stop ‘smartphone snoopers’: These four iPhone tricks block other users from looking at your messages, photos and notes

By Rob Waugh Tech Correspondent For Dailymail.Com Published: 12:50 GMT, 18 November 2023 | Updated: 12:50 GMT, 18 November 2023 Most people will hesitate to let... read more

Women are now living nearly 6 years longer than men in the US: New study reveals causes behind largest gender gap in life expectancy since 1996

A new study has revealed the most significant US gender gap in life expectancy since 1996. A team of scientists led by the University of California found women ... read more

iPhone and Android texting will be ‘a better experience’ for all users after Apple unleashes a new update in 2024

By Stacy Liberatore For Published: 16:24 GMT, 17 November 2023 | Updated: 16:29 GMT, 17 November 2023 There will still be a divide between blue an... read more

Nearly FIFTY new ‘fast-moving, nocturnal’ spider species are discovered in Australia

By Jordan Mccarthy For Nca Newswire Published: 10:32 GMT, 17 November 2023 | Updated: 10:32 GMT, 17 November 2023 Forty-eight new species of ground hunting spi... read more

The ‘fool-proof’ iPhone trick that gives you ‘unlimited’ battery life

Reducing White Point will lower the power used by your screen  The hack could also help you prevent ‘screen time’ from impacting your bedtime  REA... read more

A woman’s touch: Men feel less pain when they’re treated by a female doctor, study finds

Experts used a short laser pulse on the arch of volunteers’ feet Men who were treated by a female ‘examiner’ had a higher pain threshold  By ... read more

Forget Googling lyrics! TikTok trick lets you save songs directly to your library on Spotify – here’s how

TikTok’s new tool lets you save catchy songs you hear in TikTok to your Spotify The new tool is available now in the US and UK, with broader rollout to co... read more

Apple cored? iPhone 16 may finally debut far smaller hole-punch front camera, experts believe – but Android rivals have already had it for years

Apple is testing a new front camera on the iPhone, according to online rumors It would replace the oblong ‘dynamic island’ and look more like Androi... read more

Revealed: The best and worst places to buy gadgets in the UK – so, how does your favourite shop stack up?

Which? has revealed the best and worst places to buy gadgets in the UK  Their findings suggest that Richer Sounds is your best bet for new tech  By Shivali Be... read more

Portable Projector: Your Ultimate Guide to Compact, High-Performance Displays

Portable projectors have changed the manner in which we share content, making introductions, film evenings, and improvised social events a breeze. With progress... read more

Paleontologists discover a new species of plant-eating dinosaur through fossils found in Texas

Experts found a new species named Ampelognathus coheni in Texas It is a small plant-eating creature that lived 96 million years ago It is related to the ornitho... read more

Revealed: Reason why your favourite TikTok videos are getting longer as changes to social media app explained

Here is the reason why your favourite TikTok videos are increasing in length  By Zac Campbell Published: 10:44 GMT, 8 November 2023 | Updated: 10:58 GMT, 8 Nov... read more

Lizard feared to be extinct is rediscovered in Australia 42 years after last sighting

By Daily Mail Australia Reporter Published: 08:37 GMT, 8 November 2023 | Updated: 09:05 GMT, 8 November 2023 A lizard that was feared to be extinct has been red... read more

First ever ‘vampire viruses’ are discovered in the wild in the US

Viruses come in contact with other viruses to replicate in a host Scientists found the first case where viruses latched onto the neck of helpers READ MORE: Chi... read more

Simple emoji password trick makes your accounts impenetrable

A tech expert reveals you can add emojis to passwords to make them stronger  He shared that up to five is equivalent to a regular password of nine characters R... read more

IoT Integration: Smart Restaurant Furniture for a Connected Dining Experience

A new actor has emerged in the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant sector, where customer experience reigns supreme, set to revolutionize the way we dine.... read more

Scientists reveal why time goes in slow-mo when staring death in the face

Near-death experiences can make time appear in slow motion This is because our brain collects more information to help us respond READ MORE:  Scientists revea... read more

Apple Watch users say the latest update is RUINING their battery life, with reports of charge draining within minutes – here’s what to do if you’re affected

1976: Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne created the company on April 1 1976 as they set about selling computer kits to hobbyists, each of whi... read more

Self-proclaimed AI savior Elon Musk will launch his own artificial intelligence TOMORROW – as he tries to avoid tech destroying humanity

Elon Musk is set to roll out the first model of his AI-powered system, xAI, on Saturday, one day after he proclaimed the tech is the biggest risk to humanity. ... read more