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Extraterrestrial nature reserve on Mars that is constructed in a bubble could be a refuge for human

An ecologist has shared a futuristic idea for when humans colonize Mars – an ‘extraterrestrial nature reserve’ (ETNR) inside an air-locked bub... read more

Stretch of molten rock discovered under the surface of Mars could signal there is life underground

A massive column of molten rock that spans 2,5000 miles wide discovered below the northern plains on Mars could contain the ingredients for ‘alien bugs... read more

Mysterious 80-foot object made of wood emerges during low-tide on Daytona Beach, Florida

What do YOU think it is? Mysterious 80-foot wood object revealed on Daytona Beach, Florida – with theories including ancient shipwreck or spectator seatin... read more

Ford breaks ground on $5.8B battery factory in Kentucky to grow its output to 2M EVs per year

Ford breaks ground on massive $5.8 billion battery factory in Kentucky that will power the firm’s output to 2 million EVs per year and add 5,000 new jobs ... read more

Father-of-three captures spectacular images of Mars and the moon using telescope in his back garden 

When you look up at the night sky from your garden, you might catch a glimpse of a few stars if you’re lucky. But father-of-three James Flanagan wanted a ... read more

Hackers linked to Chinese government STOLE $20 million in Covid relief benefits from 12 states

Hackers linked to Chinese government STOLE at least $20 million in Covid relief benefits – including small business grants and unemployment benefits ̵... read more

NASA’s Orion will make its closest approach to the moon today

NASA’s Orion capsule is gearing up to make its closest approach to the moon, flying 79.2 miles above the lunar, but will first need to perform a 207-secon... read more

How to see Mars from the UK this week

This week stargazers in the UK will get the best view of Mars on offer this decade – and they won’t need a telescope.  The Red Planet will be in opposi... read more

Construction begins on the world’s biggest telescope costing £1.7 billion

Construction has officially begun on the world’s largest telescope – the £1.7 billion Square Kilometre Array (SKA). This telescope will initially... read more

Apple-1 ‘Byte Shop’ computer hand-numbered by Steve Jobs is up for sale at $240,000

A fully-functional Apple 1 computer has gone up for sale – and could be yours if you have a spare $240,000 (£195,000) laying around.  The ‘amazingR... read more

Scientists put air fryer to the test against other kitchen appliances

Air fryers are the must-have Christmas gifts of 2022, promising a quick and cheap way to cook our meals in a time when energy prices are through the roof. By he... read more

Robot SAVES 61-year-old man’s life by removing a 2.3-inch cancerous tumor from his throat in the UK

Robot SAVES 61-year-old man’s life by removing a 2.3-inch cancerous tumor from his throat using ‘minimal access’ surgery – a first of it... read more

Pictured: Delivery robots queue patiently to use pedestrian crossing in Cambridge

Delivery robots have been spotted forming an orderly queue to use a pedestrian crossing – with one asking a passer-by to press the button for them. Pictur... read more

Fossil of ‘small butcher’ reptile found in storage shifts modern lizard’s origins by 35M years 

Fossil of ‘small butcher’ reptile found in museum’s storage cupboard shifts origin of modern lizards back 35 MILLION years A fossil specimen d... read more

Could this wearable for COWS improve the world’s food systems? New device tracks health markers

Could this wearable for COWS improve the world’s food systems? Scientists build device to track health, location and environmental effects to prevent dise... read more

Twitter offers advertisers incentives – matching $500K in spending as Elon Musk platform struggles

Twitter offers a $500K advertiser spending match incentive as Elon Musk’s platform struggles to bring back 50 brands – and ad execs say it doesn’t... read more

Artemis I leaves lunar orbit and begins 10-day journey back to Earth

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is on its way back to Earth after successfully leaving lunar orbit as part of a 25-day mission. The uncrewed Artemis I voyage is t... read more

Predatory penguin-like dinosaur lived in Mongolia 70 million years ago 

Is it a bird? No, it’s a swimming dinosaur! Predatory penguin-like creature that was more suited to water than land lived in Mongolia 70 million years ago... read more

How does Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip actually work?

For the past six years, Elon Musk has been working on a chip designed to be implanted into human brains, with his neurotechnology company Neuralink. His ultimat... read more

Vactidy Blitz V8 cordelss vacuum review and it’s under £170

Vactidy Blitz V8 review: Hailed the ‘lazy person’s vacuum’ we put the new Vactidy cordless stick to the test – and it’s under £17... read more

Switzerland will BAN electric cars from the roads during power shortages

Switzerland will ban the use of electric cars for ‘non-essential’ journeys if the country runs out of energy this winter, the government has announc... read more

James Webb Telescope unveils a new view of the Pillars of Creation

Almost 30 years ago the Pillars of Creation stunned the astronomy world when they were captured by NASA’s famed Hubble Space Telescope. Now a new generati... read more

How are casinos ahead of the tech curve?

Tech is always evolving, and it is safe to say that companies have to change if they want to keep up. If they don’t, then they really do risk being left behin... read more

How Modern Data Recovery Software Works

Modern storage devices have evolved way better than ever. However, the loss of digital data is still something that happens and we all have witnessed it at some... read more