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Have physicists solved NASA’s ‘impossible’ EmDrive?

Scientists around the world are working to develop the first ‘reactionless’ propulsion system – a so-called impossible engine that could slash space-trave... read more

Vlogging families who are getting rich on YouTube

Rebecca Meldrum angles her breakfast cereal — a berry granola — to the camera, to make sure no detail of her meal goes unrecorded. Next, she spins round and... read more

NASA finds dwarf planet Ceres once had global ocean

Ceres may have once had a global ocean – and part of it could still remain, NASA has revealed. The dwarf planet, best known for its strange ‘alien s... read more

Waymo shows off driverless minivans in fake city

Google has revealed the self driving minivans it hopes could revolutionise the way we travel. At a closely guarded ‘fake town’ testing facility call... read more

Google ditched autopilot driving feature after user napped

Waymo, a self-driving car company spun out from Google’s parent company Alphabet, has stopped developing features that require drivers to take control in ... read more

Taylor Swift sings with Kenny Chesney in new live track

Taylor Swift has just been named as the musical guest on an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. And over the weekend, country singer Kenny Chesney released... read more

Kepler finds 20 habitable worlds ‘in plain sight’

A new analysis of data from NASA’s Kepler telescope has revealed a treasure trove of 20 extraterrestrial worlds astronomers say could hold life. The new a... read more

NASA reveals record setting tests of radical ion engine

Engineers from NASA and the University of Michigan have revealed record breaking tests of a radical ion engine designed to get man to Mars. Known as a Hall Thru... read more

Tech giants will testify to Congress about Russia

Lawyers for Facebook, Google and Twitter will kick off two days of Congressional testimony starting tomorrow, as they speak to lawmakers about how Russia used t... read more

Saturn’s mysterious hexagonal storm gets moment in the sun

Cassini may have crashed into Saturn’s surface, but the latest image it took released by NASA has show the planet’s mysterious giant ‘hexagon&... read more

Google CEO promises to fix cheeseburger emoji error

The CEO of Google promised the company would ‘drop everything’ to fix a glaring error that was pointed out on its cheeseburger emoji. On Saturday, a... read more

Apple ‘fired dad of blogger who leaked iPhone X footage’

Apple has reportedly fired one of its engineers after his daughter leaked details about the upcoming iPhone X on her YouTube channel. On Wednesday Brooke Ameli... read more

Skye Wheatley reveals her biggest life accomplishment

By Benjamin Potter For Daily Mail Australia Published: 10:47 GMT, 30 October 2017 | Updated: 13:49 GMT, 30 October 2017 She’s the blonde bombshell who sho... read more

Google to issue software update for ‘clicking’ in Pixel 2

Earlier this week, several owners of Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphone reported ‘clicking and whistling’ issues with the £630 ($649) handset. U... read more

iPhone apps can silently turn on your front or back camera

Cyber criminals can use iPhone apps to secretly turn on your front or back camera at any time, a security expert has warned. Google engineer Felix Krause was ab... read more

Gigi Hadid steps out in bright blue NASA suit in NYC

She has never been one to hold back for Halloween, having dressed as a girl scout and Sandy from Grease in the past.  And Gigi Hadid was perhaps trying out her... read more

Social media ‘fuels crimes by children’

Social media is the ‘catalyst’ for some of the most serious violent and sexual attacks committed by young people, a report shows. Crimes are being plotted b... read more

YouTube star Logan Paul buys $6.55 million Encino estate

Popular YouTube star Logan Paul has just splashed $6.55 million on a seven bedroom Los Angeles estate. The 22-year-old signed non disclosure agreements when he ... read more

NASA’s next Martian lander will carry citizens’ names

When NASA’s InSight lander reaches Mars in November of 2018, it will carry with it hundred of thousands of names from members of the public. According to ... read more

Space travel causes genes to behave like fireworks

It’s been more than a year since now-retired astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after 340 days living on the International Space Station. And, in the mon... read more

YouTube blogger posts hands-on video with iPhone X

A glimpse of the Apple iPhone X has been revealed several days before the big release by a YouTube blogger. Brooke Amelia Peterson claims to have picked up the... read more

Whitney Port gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy

She welcomed her son Sonny Sanford with husband Tim Rosenman on July 27. And three months after giving birth, Whitney Port spoke honestly about her post baby bo... read more

Satellite image of scars left by California’s wildfires

More than 8,000 homes have burned in dozens of wildfires in Northern California, and as firefighters continue to fully contain the fires, NASA has released a ne... read more

Paul Weitz, who piloted NASA’s orbiting ‘Skylab,’ dies

Paul Weitz, a retired NASA astronaut who commanded the first flight of the space shuttle Challenger and also piloted the Skylab in the early 1970s, has died. He... read more