Cats eye pop outs after he is bashed by his owner for defecating in the house

Cruel pet owner, 20, admits bashing his ragdoll cat named Gucci so hard its eye popped out – all because the animal defaecated in his bedroom

  • Brayden James Blair, 20, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in a Queensland court
  • Blair woke up the day after his birthday to find Gucci had defaecated in his room 
  • He then bashed the cat and didn’t seek any treatment for it from a vet clinic
  • Blair has been fined and banned from owning any animals for the next five years  

A pet owner has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after he broke his cat’s teeth and bashed it so hard its eye popped out.  

Brayden James Blair, 20, from Beaudesert, Queensland, who beat the ragdoll named Gucci on a regular basis, lost his temper when it defaecated in his bedroom the day after his birthday.

Blair then began to beat the cat, leaving it with horrific injuries to its face and eyes.

He then picked up Gucci and set off for the vet on foot, but decided to return home when the damaged eye went back into its socket on the way. 

Brayden James Blair, 20, beat his pet cat named Gucci so hard that the ragdoll’s eye popped out 

He was given a three-month suspended jail sentence, was banned from owning an animal for the next five years and was ordered to pay $1743.41 in costs. 

Cairns Magistrate Janelle Brassington criticised Blair’s violent behaviour towards the animal, according to the Cairns Post.  

‘He suffered fresh bruising in both eyes, a left pupil rendered misshapen and non-responsive, fresh bruising to gingival tissues and lip, he experienced pain around the head area, a fractured right canine tooth.

‘He had fresh faeces at the perianal area and hair loss at base of tail,’  Magistrate Brassington said. 

Blair told the court that the incident would haunt him forever. 

The RSPCA were called to Blair’s house and found he had another pet cat named Lewis. Both cats were given to the RSPCA and Gucci has since been re-homed. 

Gucci's teeth were also found to be broken for more than two weeks because of the 20-year-old's abuse 

Gucci’s teeth were also found to be broken for more than two weeks because of the 20-year-old’s abuse