CCTV shows man try to open front door using car in Barrow

  • The driver ends up fleeing the scene of what appears to be a break-in attempt
  •  He speeds away from the peaceful cul-de-sac in Barrow, Cumbria
  • The broken rope trails behind his Peugeot estate as he makes a hasty escape

CCTV footage has captured a man trying to pull a front door off its hinges using his car – in what appears to be a bizarre bid to break into a house – but he is foiled when the rope breaks.

The footage from a neighbour’s camera captures the driver’s sharp exit after the attempt fails.

The man reverses a Peugeot estate onto the drive in the quiet cul-de-sac in Barrow, Cumbria.

He then takes a length of rope from the back seat which seems to be tied to the back of his car.

In the dead of night, the unidentified man feeds it through the letterbox, gets back into the driver’s seat and speeds forwards – in an apparent attempt to prise off the door.

But the rope snaps unexpectedly and the burglar decides to keep on driving.

The man appears to be trying to wrench a front door off his hinges in a quiet cul-de-sac in Barrow, Cumbria, but makes a hasty escape when the rope he tied to the door snaps in two

CCTV from a neighbour's home shows him speeding off into the night

CCTV from a neighbour’s home shows him speeding off into the night

He zooms off with the remainder of the rope trailing behind his car. 

The footage shows the bizarre events unfold at 3.24am on December 13 in the Talisman Close and Fenman Close cul-de-sac off Marsh Street and Ramsden Street.

A Cumbria Police spokesperson said: ‘Police are investigating this incident. Anyone with information should contact Barrow Police on 101.’