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Celebrate Your Toddler’s Birthday With The Superheros Theme

Saving the world is a tough job, but someone has to do it. If your little one loves and breathes superheroes, a birthday party full of them is perfect. Throwing a superhero theme party is fun and exciting for a toddler. We have a few ideas for the perfect superhero party.


Superhero invitations are plain fun. You can go dark with the idea of fighting for lives in the darkness or light with the idea of flying through the sky to save the day. You can place multiple heroes on an invite with your child’s name in the middle asking others to help save the world with them for their birthday. Make it catchy and crazy. You can even have your child dress as their favourite superhero and send a picture of them out in the invite.


You can basically turn any food into superhero-worthy food. With shapes and colour, everyday foods turn into those ready for a hero. Cookies shaped like Batman, sandwiches shaped like stars and fruits cut into lightning bolts are just a few places to start. Go wild with the colour of your superheroes if you want a theme of the food. Superman is usually blue and red, Spiderman is all about black and red, Captain America goes all out with red, white and blue. Fruit kebabs match most superhero themes so they’re easy and nutritious.

Magic Show

Kids love magicians. They make magic come alive, so it’s the perfect pair for a birthday party. They can do superhero-themed tricks and might even dress up as a special superhero for the birthday kiddo. Every kid loves a good magic trick so whether it’s a show or a roving magician making their way through the crowd, a magician is a great addition.


Every party store is usually stocked with all sorts of fun superhero decor. From Spiderman plates and Avengers napkins to Marvel tablecloths and Batman candles, you can find anything you want at your local party store. You can mix and match for an overall superhero theme or stick with one icon for the entire party. You can find superhero-themed streamers, confetti and every favour imaginable. Try not to go overboard with the theme, but still have a lot of fun showing it off.

Face Painting

The good news is you don’t need to be a professional artist to create amazing superhero face and hand paintings. Set out a guide so you know how to make the perfect “S” for Superman, a bat for batman and a “W” for Wonder Woman. These are just a few examples of where to start. Lightning bolts are easy as well. Face painting is fast and fun for all ages. Most of the superheroes don’t have a tough icon to paint so pretty much anyone can become the designated face or hand painter for the party.

The Cake

One of the most important parts of any party is the cake. A superhero cake has no limits. You can go all out with every piece of superhero-themed decor on the cake or you can go subtle using only superhero candles. Choose the overall look of your cake and go from there. You can place actual figurines on the cake or have them drawn if you want. You could even create an entire Gotham City as the cake. The options are endless when it comes to cake. It’s the focal point of the party so go all out and have fun with it, then blow out those candles and dig in.

Dress Up

A superhero isn’t complete without their cape or mask. Make sure to have some extras at the party so the children can play dress-up with them. Hand them out as the come in, or let them choose their favourite superhero to be the entire party. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

Superhero Bouncy Castle

A bounce house with a superhero theme will make the party spring to life. Rent a superhero bouncy castle and plan to bounce all night. People of all ages love to bounce. Many of these castles now have themes so why not go for an Ironman castle or a Wonder Woman house? Some of these bouncy castles even come with basketball hoops or water slides so it’s even more fun than just bouncing.

Party Favors

A bag of superhero party favours to help save the world is the best way to end the party. Stuff all sorts of fun things in bags. Rings for Green Lantern, Avengers stickers, different mini-comic books, superhero rubber balls, tiny action figures, and so much more. Superhero favours are all about turning an everyday kid into the local hero. They’ll leave the party and talk about it for a week.