Celebrity make-up artist reveals the best make-up for your face shape

A celebrity make-up artist has revealed her top makeup tips to accentuate the features of your face – no matter what the shape or size. 

Edy London, an eyelash-extension specialist who is loved by the stars including singer Ellie Goulding and style guru Trinny Woodall, told FEMAIL her advice for using beauty products to highlight different face shapes and features. 

She revealed how those with smaller eyes should avoid black eyeliner, while those who want to make their nose appear slimmer should draw ‘shadow lines’ across their bridge.  

Meanwhile to plump up those lips, her best advice was to prep with a lip exfoliator before applying any product.

Here, the beauty expert told FEMAIL all of her tips and tricks, no matter what shape your face is…  

FEATURE: Small eyes 

MAKE-UP TRICK: Use fake eyelashes, contrasting liner and eyeshadow and apply highlighter 

She recommends using MAC's She Spark Dazzleshadow with a tiny precision brush that gets into your inner corner

Celebrity make-up artist Ely London has revealed her top makeup tips to accentuate the features of your face – no matter what the shape or size. (pictured, how to make smaller eyes appear bigger) 

Edy revealed: ‘Of course I am going to start with the eyelashes. A pair of lashes that will open up your eyes upwards are perfect choice for someone with small eyes or a monolid.

‘A great trick to make your eyes look wider is by contrasting inner and outer corners. 

‘An example would be to create an extended eye liner on the outside corner, followed by dusting your inner corner with a light reflective textured eyeshadow to really help open up for maximum effect. 

Edy is an eyelash-extension specialist who is loved by the stars including singer Ellie Goulding and style guru Trinny Woodall

Edy is an eyelash-extension specialist who is loved by the stars including singer Ellie Goulding and style guru Trinny Woodall

‘Even if you have a mono-lid, or your crease isn’t very defined, you can create one.

‘This simple step is one of the key techniques to enlarge your eyes. 

‘Using a small pencil brush along the socket, choose your preferred contour colour to buff it in along the socket.’

The beauty expert continued: ‘Applying highlighter under the eyebrows will give an instant lift and create an illusion of more space in this area.

‘Using black eyeliner on its own can contribute to an eye appearing smaller, so if you are wanting to close the eye in this is where you would start.

‘However using eyeliner to open up the eye can also work by using a white or beige pencil on the inner eye line helping to keep the eye bright and open. 

‘Adding definition across the top with a darker colour will help set this look off.’

FEATURE: Rounder face 

MAKE-UP TRICK: Use your hand as a guide to place contour product right in the cheekbones 

Using your hand as a guide, hold it flat against your face from the top of your ear and point the fingers towards your lips - this shows you where to place the contour product with your brush

Use a short, flat, dense, rectangular chisel brush, which allows you to place product right into the cheekbones, and drag it upwards towards the side of your face. Make sure to focus the product on the outside of your face, higher up the hand guide you did before applying, rather than closer to the lips

The makeup artist revealed how the hand could be used as a guide to show where to place contour product on cheekbones  

Ely explained how the trick, when done with ‘precision and the correct techniques and brushes’, could make a ‘huge difference’ to your appearance.

She advised: ‘Grab a flat rectangular brush to help chisel some cheekbones, and start off by using your hand to find the perfect place to put the product.

‘Make a line with your hand from the top of your ear with your fingers towards your lips – this is where your contour should be placed. 

‘Put the short, dense chisel brush, using a contour cream or powder that is a few shades darker than your foundation, horizontally into the area with the line you created.

‘Try to keep the brush closer to the side of your face rather than closer to your lips – you want to extend the bronziness up your face rather than inwards.

When the product is applied, turn the brush sideways to help blend it upwards and into your foundation

Drag the brush upwards towards the top of your ear so there is no harsh lines

Ely explained how the trick, when done with ‘precision and the correct techniques and brushes’, could make a ‘huge difference’ to your appearance  

‘To help blend, turn the brush vertically and use whatever product is left on the bristles to move the contour outwards and merge it into your foundation nicely.

‘This will mean you have a smooth-looking contour with no harsh and dark lines. 

‘Make sure you extend the contouring up onto your face, by adding a little to your temples and top of your forehead, as neglecting the rest of your face can make your make up look incomplete.

‘Focusing on your best features draws attention away from your imperfections, so don’t forget to enhance the areas of your face that you are most proud of.’ 

FEATURE: Sharp brows 

MAKE-UP TRICK: Highlight under your brows to help feminize the face 

The perfect technique to help hide a double chin 

FEATURE: A double chin

MAKE-UP TRICK: Use contouring to add shape 

Ely advised: ‘Begin just below the chin as a starting point.

‘Make a triangle shape to the left and right and blend back to create a shadow that will make your double chin appear smaller.

‘Remember to use a colour a few shades darker than your usual foundation, and to blend well.’

Ely explained: ‘Concentrate on enhancing the feminine features of your face – lift your eyebrows and enhance your lashes!

‘The right brow shape feminizes your features.

‘Lift your brow by maximising the space between your lash line and your brow by tidying and shaping up your brow area.

‘Fill in and define your eyebrows with an angled brow brush.’

She continued: ‘Once the area is neat use a highlighter or a concealer on a brow bone directly under the brow which will help create lift.

‘Long lashes are the key to a feminine look. 

‘You can achieve that by either using strip lashes, lash extensions or layers of thick, dark volumising mascara. 

‘Don’t forget about lower lash. 

‘Eyebrows are a very expressive feature of the face, in fact it is the first communicator through our face expression.

‘Throughout time, eyebrow trends have rightly gained their place in history. From decade to decade we have seen all kinds of shapes and sizes which have been iconic in uniquely adding glamour, drama, and expression to its era!’

FEATURE: A large forehead 

MAKE-UP TRICK:   Use a big dense brush and a contour product to play with your face shape  

Contouring, with the model using a large, dense brush, can help change the shape of your face

Blend bronzing products up your cheeks and around the sides of your face, including your temples and top of your forehead, to create an illusion of a slimmer face

Ely explained how using a ‘big dense brush’ and ‘contour product’ could help to disguise a large forehead or chin  

Ely explained: ‘As much as a hair style can help with changing your face shape appearance make up can too.

‘Contouring plays an important role in how you can avoid non-invasive treatment and still effectively hide imperfections.

‘Like with the sharp contouring to help slim your face, you can create a plumper contour effect by using a large, dense rounded brush to lightly put product in the same area.

‘It means your cheekbones look lifted with less intensity than what the chiseled brush creates.’

She explained: ‘Contouring does not always mean structure and definition. You can use these techniques for quite the opposite also!

‘Adding a pop of colour onto the apples of the cheeks helps to brighten up the complexion giving a soft and natural, healthy and youthful appearance.’


MAKE-UP TRICK: Put your lipstick on the sharp end of a lip brush to overline your pout

You can overline your lips using the sharper side of a flat lip brush, going just slightly over the line of your cupids bow and lower lip

Edy also advises exfoliating the lips before applying any product to them, helping the application process

Meanwhile the makeup artist suggested those with thinner lips use product to overline their features  

Ely suggested: ‘Using your favourite lipstick, overdraw your lips a little bit with the sharper side of a flat lip brush, and carry on by filling it in with the wider side.

‘I recommend matte lipstick for over-lining as they are less likely to bleed into the creases around your lips.’

Meanwhile she continued: ‘Exfoliating your lips never disappoints. 

‘It helps the lip to appear larger as well as helps to get rid of dead skin in preparation for longer lasting lip product.’

She added: ‘Over lining lips always work. Use a concealer on already over lined lipstick with a end of a flat lip brush.


Ely said: ‘If you have a long period of time in preparation to a big event, one of the fantastic tricks that I have learned from a friend of mine is to pronounce vowels A E I O U in front of the mirror 10-20 times per day for couple of weeks.

‘It definitely makes it more firm around the jawline if you are really concerned about it. 

‘It really lifts the lower part of your face and sharpens it.’ 

‘Add a clear gloss to the centre rather than all over to give a subtle plumpy pout.’

Meanwhile the professional suggested that ‘less is more’, continuing: ‘Sometimes just adding definition to an uneven lip line or balancing out a fuller bottom lip to the top for example can make all the difference.

‘Small and subtle can be just as effective in creating beautiful and natural even fuller lips.

‘For those who were already blessed with fuller lips, they can exaggerate the volume with a clear gloss.’  

FEATURE: A large nose 

MAKE-UP TRICK: Draw out shadow lines to create an illusion of a smaller nose

Ely explained: ‘Once you have prepped your base with a primer and foundation, you can start with your cream or powder contour, choosing a colour 2 or 3 shades darker.

‘To make your nose appear look slimmer, use a small domed brush and draw out shadow lines either side of the planes of the nose, making sure to keep the lines as straight as possible to avoid creating a crooked nose.

‘You don’t want a brush that’s too pointy as it can make very harsh lines that are not so easy to blend.

‘Use a brush to blend the colour down the sides of the nose buffing and blending so that no obvious lines can be seen.

‘The centre plane of the nose should now appear highlighted and thinner.’

She continued: ‘You can brush some of the darker colour across the tip of the nose if you wanted to create less length.

‘To really set the look off the effect, apply a light reflective setting powder on the lighter area. 

‘Each brush is perfectly designed for each stage of the contouring process.’

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