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Cellphone Tracking Company Geomobi.Online Expands its Footprint in Latin America

  • Cellphone Tracking Company Geomobi.Online Expands its Footprint in Latin America
  • Part of Its Global Outreach Strategy That Already Encompasses Europe, Asia and Oceania

Miami, Florida, U.S.A, April 9th 2020- Cellphone tracking and people finder which has made a global mark with its unique cellphone tracking solution, has now expanded its footprint in the Latin American region. The ability of their technology to help locate people via their cellphones has helped the company make its presence felt in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

This cellphone phone tracking technology can help one locate one’s near and dear ones or one’s employees through their cellphones numbers and boasts of a 100% success rate. It takes no more than five minutes to locate someone after entering their cellphone number in the Geomobi website. The location of the person being searched is revealed precisely on a map, only after that individual consents to share it.

This technology is not mean to locate a lost or stolen phone, but is great at locating one’s children, family, friends or employees. The fact that the person being located is requested for permission to share their location by way of a customized SMS, makes this technology safe for use by not allowing any potential mischief makers access. Says the Chief Operating Officer of Geomobi, “Families just want their kids to be well and while we are excellent at staying in touch with them and ensuring their health, we need additional resources to ensure their well-being in the face of any possible danger and mobile technology is a strong friend to this challenge”.

Not only is this technology a great help to anxious parents worried about the wellbeing of their children who are away from them, it is a handy productivity tool for businesses of all kinds. This is especially true of businesses where employees need to work in inaccessible field locations. The Geomobi technology allows employers to be apprised both of the status of work as well as the wellbeing of their employees working at remote sites.

According to the COO, “Cellphones may in some cases be a lifesaver for managing productivity and shielding workers who work outside the office from any harm”. This technology can help businesses stand out in an industry niche by being able to track the progress of their team as well as ensure their wellbeing in a manner not possible for their competitors.

Geomobi’s cellphone tracking technology stands out in that it is able to quickly and accurately zero in on the geo-location of any kind of cellphone on any type of network across the countries of the world. Like in the case of Europe, America and Oceania, Geomobi’s expansion into Latin America is premised on its ability to effectively serve the needs of the following segments:

  • Parents who need to track their children in some situations.
  • Parents who need to monitor and protect elderly relatives.
  • Users who need to geo-locate someone in a specific situation so as to be constantly connected through their cell phones,  regardless of how remote or inaccessible their location may be.
  • Companies that want to better monitor their employees who work in sales or work far away in the field.

At a time when the world has gone digital, it is cutting edge technologies like the cellphone GPS tracker technology pioneered by Geomobi that resonate with the largest number of people. The company therefore looks forward to carving its very own niche in the highly diverse Latin American market at the earliest.


Geomobi.Online is a brand of a fast expanding international group comprising of internet companies that create digital products and services from the scratch. They have varied experience as company owners, and founders as well as industry leaders in the internet field. Their core competency lies in turning ideas into reality. Their company leverages the big opportunities presented by the advent of the internet that has allowed them to grow and expand their projects around the world. They are known to take their projects from nothing to everything at the earliest. Geomobi’s goal is to create solutions that helps people solve specific problems through advanced technology.


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