Chair Covers – Selecting The Right Fabric And Color Options To Consider

Searching the internet market will let you come across so many companies all claiming to offer the best covers for your chair. You are literally bombarded with options that make it even more difficult to make a choice. Unless you have purchased covers beforehand or are sure of the company to work with, chances are high that your money might go down the waste.

There are some steps to address before you finalize the chair cover. Among the lot, checking out the fabric material of the chair covers is really important. There are different types of fabrics used for making covers for chairs. So, let’s look at those types first.

Apart from that, don’t forget to check out the color variations available too. Some of the colors are really pretty and then you have others with an extra bit of bling with some nice embellishments on top. So, do check out these points before a final call!

Get on with the fabric of the chosen chair cover

Once you have confirmed the chair’s size, it is time to move towards the next step of selecting the right materials for the covers.

There are various materials available, right from the spandex covers to the basic polyester and so much more. On the other hand, you have special linens like velvet, sequins, and vintage styles as well. Listed below are some of the most popular fabrics used for designing chair covers.

The first one is polyester: It is available for the lifetime, banquet, and folding chairs. These polyester covers are perfect picks for any banquet form of setting. Polyester is noted to be highly durable and known to have a matte fabric.

So, that makes up for that perfect base material for any possible event. You can easily dress them in sashes and bands, or might even have a chair curly window sash for that waterfall feature.

Sequin chair cover: These are low-maintenance chair covers, with high-end glamor. No matter what kind of chair you are using for it, these stunning covers will help them to glam out a bit more. You can get them in glitz sequins, Payette sequins, and even in geometric sequins out there.

Spandex covers for chairs: These covers are mostly made using lycra spandex and are available for folding and banquet chairs mostly. These covers will have the sleek-fit capability for that stylish contemporary finish.

There are so many stylish options available and those are swag back, ruched, cross back, glitz sequins and so much more. They are pretty easy to take on and off and come in handy with lower maintenance only!

Now for the colors over here: Be sure to check out the theme and venue of the event, before you finalize the color of the chair cover in here. You can try to match the color of the covers with the primary wedding color or any accent or base colors.

The choice is yours, so always make the right decision in here to cover.