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Change the Way of Travel with Cloud Sim Technology

Staying connected to the world is not an option anymore as it is appropriate to say that we are digital citizens now. Though we are living in separate countries, we are global partners. Communication has become one of the most powerful tools to rule the world. The world has become a global village and the way we conduct businesses nowadays has been completely revolutionised. When we travel abroad, we want to stay connected via the internet to contact our loved ones or to simply manage our businesses.

However, when we are on foreign soil, one issue that we all have faced is the lack of reliable internet data connection. First of all, we have to activate our data roaming plan from the phone service carrier and then we have to buy a local SIM card to connect to the internet. In addition to that, low internet speed, limited data plan and unreliable WIFI networks, all these are pain points that must be addressed. We have suffered a lot due to this, but not anymore.

Also, there is no guarantee that you will get good and cost-effective deals there. For example, data plans are too costly in some countries that it will dry up your wallet. For a few days, you will end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars as data bills. Also, the terms and conditions are written in unknown languages, increasing our headache. When you have a local SIM card, you will face the connectivity issues as not all locations can fetch a good network. Some carriers might have a good network and some might not have. Some travellers carry two to three SIM cards to have an uninterrupted internet connection, but this is also a hassle we want to avoid.

However, there is a solution and a fine one that can end all these miseries. The answer is cloud SIM technology.

How Cloud SIM Technology Works?

The cloud SIM Technology has the sound cloud infrastructure that is used to offer you reliable data connection without the need for multiple SIM cards. Here, there is a portable WIFI router in Singapore that is connected to a database of SIM cards, which are stored in the cloud. It simply means that you can use as many SIM cards as you want virtually. You can access more than one SIM card while using just one device.

For example, if you are in the city where the network of carrier A is good. The device has recognised it and it is working fine. Now, you have moved to a remote area where the carrier A is not good. What you need to do is to restart the device. Now, the device will scan and connect to the fastest connection in the database. It might be carrier B or C. You don’t need to have the SIM card in your device as the cloud technology will do it virtually via cloud computing. It is a relatively good, sound and reliable method to stay connected to your loved ones when you are in a foreign country. All you need to do is to buy this portable wifi rental Singapore and enjoy its features.

What are other features of the device?

This WIFI rental is designed specifically for travellers in mind as it has some astonishing features that you would love to know:

  1. The lightweight device

The devices are very lightweight and you can carry them with you in your pocket just like your smartphones. The weight ranges from 140 to 160 grams and it is very convenient to carry it anywhere you go. You will not feel any weight when it is in your pocket or a backpack.

  1. Can be connected to 5 devices

Another important feature is that the device can be connected to at least 5 devices. If you are travelling with your friend group, one device will be enough to connect all of your friends. Whether it is the tablet, or mobile or laptop, you can easily connect with the portable WIFI in Singapore.

  1. 12 hours of battery life

You don’t need to worry about drying the battery as the battery life is excellent. Once charged fully, the device can work for at least 10-12 hours. The device can work for the full day and you don’t need to find a charging point in the middle of the road.

  1. Services cover multiple countries

This device is available in many countries and it will save your money on multiple SIM cards and other spending. All you need is a portable wifi rental in Singapore.


The cloud SIM technology has changed the way we now connect to the world especially when we are travelling to any foreign land. All you need to do is to have a portable WIFI router in Singapore and that will be all.


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