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Changing address online? Know how to avoid scams

According to statistical data, more than 37 million Americans relocate to other places every year. It also means that they have a new address to register. With so many address changes to handle, many online services have mushroomed that offer help to the households that intend to move. Interestingly, these online services are not expensive; the main factor that tempts people even more.

In this article, let us find out more about how scam artists work in this sector and how you can avoid falling prey to them. So, read on for better insight.

Modus Operandi – Change of address by scammers

Since you are moving, you would want mails to be delivered to you too. And this is done by registering the change of address with the USPS or U.S Postal Service.

You will come across many movers that will offer this service to you. The ones that have been hoodwinked or ripped off before, know that registering the change in the official website of the U.S Postal Service is the best bet.

Ripping off people by charging more

However, many people resort to the so-called “third-party” websites. Here, you will be required to shell out any amount between USD$18 and USD$80 as compared to the official and legitimate amount when you carry out the process from the website of the US Postal Service where you have to pay as low as $1 – $1.5.

Also, you will come across many such service providers that will claim to be authentic and offer services related to change of address, but in reality, they do not provide any such service. These people will urge you to visit change of address online today and offer help to do the same despite the fact that you can do so on your own.

Claim authentic association with USPS

Aside from charging more for services that you can do on your own, these third-party websites might also claim to be associated with the U.S Postal Services so that more and more people avail services from them. In reality, they have no affiliation with the US Postal Services.

The manner in which you can be drawn into the scam is as follows-

  • If you are planning to move and you type in any word in search engines to look for related information, you get a page of search results.
  • By means of unethical tactics, the scam artists often have their names on the top position in the search pages. Many also use the word USPS. The moment you see it, you assess it to be authentic and click on it.
  • The website of the third party opens without you even realizing that you are not browsing an authentic website.
  • You enter your new address and feed in details required for address change.
  • Finally, when you use your credit card to make the payment, you divulge your personal information.

You are usually taken by surprise, and if you have no luck on that day, you must realize that you have already been taken for a ride.


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