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Check your tickets: Two lucky Oz Lotto players claim $30million jackpot just in time for Christmas

Have you just won $15million? Two lucky Australians split MASSIVE Lotto prize just before Christmas – here are the winning numbers

  • Oz Lotto $30million jackpot went off on Tuesday night with two lucky winners
  • It was the first time the Oz Lotto jackpot had gone off in since early November
  • Winning numbers were 8, 12, 17, 40, 36, 22, 33. Supplementaries were 24 and 45

Christmas has come early for two lucky Oz Lotto players who have become instant multi-millionaires.

The division one winners from Tuesday night’s draw will share a $30 million jackpot.

One of the winners was from NSW/ACT. 

The winning numbers for Oz Lotto draw 1451 were 28, 12, 17, 40, 36, 22, 33. The supplementaries were 24 and 45.

Two lucky Oz Lotto winners will enjoy a life-changing windfall of $15million each

Fourteen players will share a $377,202.70 division two prize pool, while 63 division three winners will each receive an extra $3,882.95 in their bank accounts.

The last time Oz Lotto jackpot went off was at the beginning of November, with two winners shared the $50million prize.

They included a Mackay woman from Central Queensland and a 10-person syndicate from Victoria.

The lucky pair are among 15 Oz Lotto division one winners in 2021 who have shared in a whopping $247 million in prize money.

The next Oz Lotto draw will be held December 14

The next Oz Lotto draw will be held December 14

Victoria leads the list of winners with five, followed by four in NSW/ACT, three in Western Australia, two in Queensland and one in Northern Territory. 

‘We’re certainly looking forward to seeing if we crown another Oz Lotto winner this year, a spokeswoman from The Lott said.

‘Our advice to players is to get in early and make sure you register your tickets so we can reach out to you straight after the draw.’

The latest win comes after a group of female gym members shared last Thursday’s whopping $80 million Powerball jackpot.