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Children’s clothing for rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastic training requires obtaining special uniforms, which have to meet certain criteria. An average uniform in this case does not meet the requirements, considering that it doesn’t have the features and characteristics that are necessary, it will create discomfort while performing the exercise.

What is useful for classes?

  • Jumpsuits. This option for girls is very convenient because it allows for good blood flow which contributes to better warm-ups requiring minimal body movement.
  • Shorts, leggings, pants. They fit the legs and do not hinder a young athlete’s movement. Slightly older children can wear shorts with tights or pants.
  • Shirts, T-shirts. You cannot wear these items for competitions. Therefore, there are no special requirements for shirts or T-shirts.
  • Clothes for cold spaces and the winter season. It is better to choose warmer options for these classes. For example, a girl can buy a bolero or a wool sweater. Such products should not affect movement, but at the same time it should be fairly warm otherwise kids might be cold while exercising.

How to choose a sport leotard for a kid?

You should consider certain factors:

Function. There are certain differences between a swimsuit for training and performing. For training days, it’s better to use the model made of more durable materials because it will be washed more often. It’s better to buy a leotard for kid with a solid color option. For performing, you need to take into account the personal image of the girl. The leotard can be colored, dark, or light, and also have decorations.

Model. For dance, a leotard with a skirt is more suitable. If the discussion is concerning rhythmic gymnastics, then a model with a longer sleeve is considered a better option. A short sleeve is recommended for rhythmic gymnastics, but it also depends on the requirements of the coach.

Material. Children’s branded clothes for gymnastics must be made of stretch fabric in order to stretch well. For example fabrics such as cotton, lycra, and nylon. For competitions, it is better to use a product made of satin fabrics that shine. For training, the ideal option is a leotard made of cotton, it perfectly absorbs sweat and does not cause skin irritation.

Appearance. Ballet requires an option that will beautifully fit the figure. It should attract the attention of strangers and be easy to remember. If the neck is not too long you can select a model with a V-shaped neckline. If the neck is average length, then you can select a leotard without a neckline or with a round neckline. In order to make the legs look visually longer, you can buy an option with a skirt or with an open thigh.

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