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Chilling audio tapes reveal murdered nanny’s interrogation ordeal

A French couple today convicted of torturing and murdering their nanny recorded horrific interrogations of their victim before they killed her.

Sabrina Kouider, 35, and Ouissem Medouni, 40, built a warped fantasy around music mogul Mark Walton and accused Sophie Lionnet of being in league with him. 

Koudier recorded the brutal questioning sessions the couple held at their south-London home, as they quizzed the 21-year-old for information about Walton.

Police transcripts show how Miss Lionnet, who had never met Mr Walton, gave confused answers to the repeated questions as the couple became more enraged.

Below is excerpts from an audio file recovered from Koudier’s phone:

A pictured shows a starved and disorientated Sophie Lionnet two days before she was killed. Her employers and murderers, Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni, were convicted today

Medouni: Okay… Wait! We’re going to start again. So, everything you told Sabrina, why did you tell her all that?

Kouider: She was crying earlier on! She was crying and said to me, “I did something… and I can’t get myself to tell it to you. I am ashamed of myself. [Addressing Sophie] You did take him there! I have evidence, as well. Okay?

Medouni: Yes or no?

Lionnet: No, I don’t remember.

Medouni: What?

Lionnet (sounding scared or in tears): I have no recollection of going to someone else’s place with [child]?

(Loud crackling noise)

Kouider: You’re making fun of me, are you?

Medouni: Stop it!

Kouider: You’re making fun of me? You’re making fun of me?

Medouni: Stop it! Okay.

Sabrina Kouider

Sabrina Kouider

(A loud band with something metallic)

Kouider: Okay? …don’t make fun of me! No sweet talk! (Addressing Medouni) Because I told you she’s a monster. You have a monster there! I thought you were someone good!”

Medouni: Sit properly. You needn’t be scared. Okay?

Kouider: Exactly! Okay? Because, earlier on, you were crying and you said to me, “I did something very serious, and I am very ashamed of myself”. That’s what you told me. Yes, or no?

Medouni: And what’s that?

Kouider: Is it lie?

Medouni: What’s that?

Kouider: Is it a lie?

Lionnet (sounding scared and maybe in tears): I was scared!

Kouider: You were scared? You were scared? You lie as you breathe, because.. why did I scare you? Did I scare you?”

Lionnet: I was scared.

Kouider: What were you scared of? Scared of what? Scared of what? Because I was very, very, very nice to you! I was very, very, very, very, very nice to you!

Medouni: Stop shouting like this!… Go on! Scared of what?

Kouider: Scared of what? I had been too nice to her. I used to even tell her things….

Medouni: She said she was scared of you! Stop it, please! We…

Kouider: What were scared of? Okay. Sorry! Apologies!

Medouni: Scared of what?

Lionnet: I don’t know exactly.

Kouider: Scared of what? In any case, whether you speak or you don’t speak, at your trial, you will do so. You will be jailed. Because as far as I am concerned, I am not going to joke with you! Okay? Because, I am a nice person; okay? I’d really like to help you. You too must help me! Okay? If you want me to help you, you need to help me! Okay? You want us to help you? Then help us! Okay?

Ouissem Medouni

Ouissem Medouni

Kouider: I don’t think he abused you; you wanted it because he couldn’t do that with you. And whenever you come back to the house, I smell sex.

Medouni: …she smells sex.

Kouider: I smell it. I smell it. Where the house? Hurry up, where is the house? Hurry up hurry up, otherwise I will f****** make the call. Hurry up where is the house? Open your mouth where is the house?

Kouider: Open your f****** mouth. Where is the house? You don’t to say it. You don’t want to it. So you want to go to prison? Be ready it is either 40 years in prison or you leave. It is up to you. You have the choice. Think carefully about 40 years in prison. Close your eyes for one-minute ok and imagine yourself every day in a cage like an animal with other people inside. That’s not a laughing matter. With paedophiles and all the…

(Continuous bagging noise in the background)

Kouider: If you promise to tell me the truth and I later find out that it’s lie, I will not protect you. No more lies, I will not protect you, I swear on my life, Sophie. I will not allow any more lie.

Medouni: So, he asked you when you will be coming back. That’s the way he approached you. He doesn’t know you but sent a message through Facebook asking you when will you be coming back? It doesn’t make any sense.

Kouider: So he knew you.

Lionnet: No.

Kouider: Yes, he knew you because he asked you when you will be coming back. He knew you. Please just say the truth and nothing apart the truth.

Medouni: You better know that we will not let you go back until we know the whole, whole, whole, whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s up to you.

Kouider: Tell me, huh! Tell me. Do you know this girl? Do you know this girl, I am just asking? Do you know her? …(Inaudible) He was with you, even the best of the best, they are going to be checked, ok. Do you know this girl? Because, there is everywhere CCTV. Do you know this girl?

Lionnet: No.

Kouider: 100%.

Lionnet: Huh, huh! Huh!

Kouider: Huh! Why do you take time in answering, huh? Why do you take time in answering? Why do you take time in answering, tell me, huh! Huh! Why do you take time in answering?

Lionnet: Huh!

Kouider: You don’t know. Sophie, please compose yourself, get your strength back. You just ate. I just fed you, please, put yourself together and get your strength back and answer me. I forgave you

Kouider: I am with you Sophie despite everything, despite everything, after everything, everything, everything, everything, everything, and everything. I am not against you. Go on Sophie. Why do, why do you take time to answer my question?

The interrogations took place at the couple home in south London before Sophie's death

The interrogations took place at the couple home in south London before Sophie’s death

Kouider: Okay, how many of… did he give you for me? How many did he give you? Yeah? How many lozenges did he give you to put in the glass with tap water?… (Inaudible) free? You want to free yourself? Yeah? You want to free yourself? So do free yourself! Go ahead! Go ahead Sophie! How many did he give you? Where did you put them? In tea? In water?

Lionnet: Yes….

Kouider: Okay. How many?

Lionnet: (Faint, hardly audible voice)

Kouider: Okay, but how many did he give you?

Medouni: Each time he came, you put one in?

Kouider: Before coming…

Medouni: Well, before.




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