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China has been preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years, US investigators say

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators.

Evidence that Beijing considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses from 2015 raised fresh fears over the cause of Covid-19. 

The dossier by People’s Liberation Army scientists and health officials examined the manipulation of diseases to make weapons ‘in a way never seen before’. 

China’s progress in the research field of biowarfare is heavily explored in the paper, in which it is noted that such an attack would result in a surge of patients requiring hospital treatment, which then ‘could cause the enemy’s medical system to collapse’. 

The authors insist that a third world war ‘will be biological’, unlike the first two wars which were described as chemical and nuclear respectively.

Referencing research which suggested the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan forced them to surrender, and bringing about the end of WWII, they claim bioweapons will be ‘the core weapon for victory’ in a third world war. 

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years

MP Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the foreign affairs committee, said: ‘This document raises major concerns about the ambitions of some of those who advise the top party leadership. Even under the tightest controls these weapons are dangerous.’

Chemical weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said: ‘China has thwarted all attempts to regulate and police its laboratories where such experimentation may have taken place.’ 

The revelation from the book What Really Happened in Wuhan was reported yesterday in The Australian.

The document, New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons, says: ‘Following developments in other scientific fields, there have been major advances in the delivery of biological agents.

‘For example, the new-found ability to freeze-dry micro-organisms has made it possible to store biological agents and aerosolise them during attacks.’ 

It has 18 authors who were working at ‘high-risk’ labs, analysts say.   

Intelligence agencies suspect Covid-19 may be the result of an inadvertent Wuhan lab leak. But as yet there is no evidence to suggest it was intentionally released.

The World Health Organization chief said as recently as March that all theories on the origins of Covid-19 remained open after reading the WHO-China study – despite the claim the report dismissed the notion that the virus escaped from a lab as ‘extremely unlikely’.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said all of the hypotheses are ‘on the table’ and require further investigation after reading the report from the international experts’ mission to Wuhan.

But his comments came just hours after it emerged the report dismissed the lab leak theory and said the transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario.


Research on bioweapons from former US Air Force colonel Michael J. Ainscough is included in the document, with the authors drawing on his evidence and concluding a third world war ‘will be biological’ 



The document refers to the ­research of Michael J. Ainscough, a former US Air Force colonel, on modes of conflict and bioweapons.

That research explains ‘next-generation bioweapons’ as part of a US Air Force program aimed at better preparing American ­national security policymakers and senior members of the military to counter the threat from weapons of mass destruction.

Drawing on Colonel Ainscough’s research, the authors conclude a third world war ‘will be biological’ and that ‘the core weapon for victory in World War Three will be bioweapons’.

‘Colonel Ainscough’s conclusion states: ‘There are those who say the First World War was chemical, the Second World War was nuclear, and that the Third World War — God forbid — will be biological’,’ it reads.

‘There are two meanings to this: Firstly, the First and Second World Wars were chemical and nuclear wars respectively; and the Third World War will certainly be a biological war.

‘Secondly, advanced weapons are the key factor in determining the fate of World War III. Colonel Ainscough probably believed that the two atomic bombs forced Japan to surrender, laying the foundation for victory in World War II; so, the core weapon for victory in World War III will be bioweapons’.

The study also examines the optimum conditions under which to release a bioweapon. ‘Bioweapon attacks are best conducted during dawn, dusk, night or cloudy weather because intense sunlight can damage the pathogens,’ it states. ‘Biological agents should be released during dry weather. Rain or snow can cause the aerosol particles to precipitate.

‘A stable wind direction is ­desirable so that the aerosol can float into the target area.’

Among the most bizarre claims by the military scientists is their theory that SARS-CoV-1, the virus that caused the SARS epidemic of 2003, was a man-made bioweapon, deliberately unleashed on China by ‘terrorists’.


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