Chinese backpacker warns of German conman living in Mount Isa who told her he had inactive sperm

Hello everyone, here is my Story.

My English name is Jessica and I am from China. 

I used to work in Mount Isa on a working holiday visa. I met Jim on May 2017. Then we dated each and were in a relationship later. 

On December 2018, I found I am pregnant. It’s Jim’s. I was naive.

Before April 2018, I took the pill. Because Jim doesn’t like wearing condom. I was okay with that. I am so naive after all.

In May, I said the pill made me fat and uncomfortable, I wanted to stop. But he refused wearing condom and he told me his sperm is not active and he couldn’t make babies. I loved him and I chose to trust him without any doubt. But I also asked what if I got pregnant? He promised me marriage and that we could look after the baby together if that happens.

I believed him since he called me wife most of time. I was inexperienced. I thought he would stay with me all the time. But I was just so naive. 

When I got pregnant, We both didn’t know how to handle it. I had many problems during the early [stages of] pregnancy. I vomited and had belly pain all the time. I was very weak and even couldn’t go to work. I lost 5kg in a week.  

At that time, my parents wanted me home and Jim also recommended me go back to my county since it’s expensive to see a doctor here as a foreigner. At that time, I urgently needed to see a doctor. Jim said he would come later to China to visit me. Very soon. Things were not as what I expected.

When I get back to China, he just said he was busy all the time. I went to see a doctor almost every day because I vomited everything that I ate. I had a lot of health issues and complications associated with my pregnancy. I had a very hard time. Unfortunately I lost the baby. After that, Jim broke up with me. Actually I already felt that because he always said he was busy. 

We all know that, everyone can make time for the one you love. Then he told me he never wanted to come to China and it dawned on me that he just wanted to send me away.

What do you think about this? We can imagine that a guy wants to have sex and without protection then makes a fake promise to his girlfriend. After all he is not the one who is going to get pregnant and suffer form morning sickness or even undergo a surgery. 

Yes. Because I was inexperienced and it was my first time to truly love a person and built a long term relationship. But I met a guy like this, he is not responsible at all. He just enjoys the good side without a condom without a thought for the consequences. 

I wrote this because I wanted to tell women, especially inexperienced ones like me, don’t lose your mind when you fall in love with someone.

The second thing I want to tell about Jim is that he is from Germany, He is 34 years old and Jim isn’t his real name. His real full name is very different. He is illegal in Australia. 

He came to Australia with traveling visa and he overstayed until today in Mount Isa. Think about what kind of person will leave his country and be illegal in another country? A murder? A financial crime? I don’t want to put the people of Mount Isa in danger. I know his real situation when I fell in love with him. You know, when a woman loves someone she can be silly.

I covered for him in the past but now I want to tell all the people of Mount Isa to be wary of him and I hope police will supervise him and investigate his real ID. I also heard that he is dating with Chinese girls again who are on a working holiday visa. You know why? Because all these girls only stayed for a short period in Mount Isa even they had been in a relationship with Jim. Then these girls leave and no one knows what Jim did to those girls.

But now I want to expose him and tell people what kind of person he is. If he made the same lie to other girls that his sperm is not active, bad things will happen. I am a victim. The pregnant thing brings a lot of trauma. And I am going to carry this through out my lifetime. I wish the same tragedy will not happen to other girls.

All people,please pay attention! He uses a fake name — Jim. Why I waited until now to say this is because I was ashamed for what I did as a traditional Chinese girl. And he also threatened me not to say anything about him. But after I watching the American Tv series Unbelievable I decided to tell the public. I don’t want more VICTIMS. Also I wish people will help me and get to know the truth.