Choosing the Best Type of Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

Created from titanium, implants are an alternative for tooth loss or when you need them for personalization. You can have implants to replace a single tooth or have an entire arc replaced at Powers Dental Group, but it will be dependent on what you select. Implants not only boost your confidence after having your missing tooth replaced but also prevent bone resorption.

But you must familiarize yourself with basic information about implants and why they are essential. Not only does this act as a guide should you be looking for the best dental implants to have, but it gives you a chance to restore your confidence by settling for the best implants.

Here is what you need to know about dental implants:

Types of Dental Implants

Among the most commonly used dental implants are endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are shaped like screws and are fitted onto your jaw as a removable denture or an alternative bridge. In contrast, subperiosteal implants are fixed on your jaw but under the gum. The two implants take time to heal before they fuse onto your jaw, creating a classic look on your teeth.

Materials Used to Create the Implant

You must ensure that you have basic information on materials or coatings on your implant. A coating is vital in ensuring it gives a natural look on your implant and helps your gum heal quickly. Most implants are coated with titanium or zirconia. However, the most used material or coating used on dental implants is titanium. A dental implant with zirconia coating gives your fixed teeth a natural look as it has a white-like ceramic appearance.


A dental implant attached to your jawbone or fixed on your denture needs a screw that acts as a connector. The connector acts as a fake tooth, and one can hardly notice it as an implant. Three connectors are mainly used to screw in the implant on your abutment. We have internal, external, and internal octagon connectors. However, the three connectors are not similar. An internal connector is an opening while the external connector is screwed on top of the implant. Lastly, an internal octagon connector is screwed in the abutment through the opening of your implant head.


You must familiarize yourself with the treatment required when you decide to get an implant. It allows you to explore your options and go for that which suits you. Endosteal implants can often depend on how fast your tissue around the root heals. The treatment involves your jawbone being drilled before a titanium screw is inserted to act as an artificial root. However, this is not the same case with a subperiosteal implant. Compared to the endosteal implant, subperiosteal implants have a shorter treatment plan. You can be done with a treatment plan within two sessions by having a metal implant holding your denture through your jaw.

Methods Used to Attach Dental Implants

You must know about different methods used to attach a dental implant to your jawbone or denture. The technique used when connecting a dental implant is determined by the strength of your jawbone. Among the different methods used when attaching a dental implant are all-in-4 methods or teeth in a day method. These methods are other as the all-on-4 method is used when grafting while teeth in a day are used when there is a need to support a permanent prosthetic.

Cost of Implants

You must know about the cost of implants you are about to get. A dental implant can boost your confidence or ruin your whole experience if you settle for less. Therefore, look for a dental implant that has a reasonable price before having it fixed on your jaw. You do not want to have a cheap dental implant set on your jaw only to end up distorting your teeth. Also, the quality of an implant is determined by its cost. Your smile is essential; therefore, make a reasonable investment when buying dental implants or when paying for the services to ensure you get the right deal.

Having dental implants can be a life-changing experience. It boosts your confidence as you can smile easily without worrying about your lost teeth or crooked teeth. However, all this decides on the kind of implants you get and the kind of specialist you hire. Before your treatment, consider all factors from price, professionalism, and the quality of the implants. Let your expectations be met by considering the above factors and seeing that your new set of teeth will last you a lifetime.