Christian Porter: Accuser took her own life after pulling police complaint, ‘disassociates’

How woman who accused Christian Porter of rape was in touch with cops five times and said she was suffering from a mental condition causing her to ‘detach from reality’… before she took her own life just one day after WITHDRAWING complaint

  • Christian Porter’s accuser called off her complaint for health, personal reasons 
  • First met with NSW Police in February 2020, disclosed that she ‘disassociates’ 
  • In statement, police said they met with the accuser five times over three months 
  • Woman took her own life at her Adelaide home on June 24. She was 49 
  • That was one day after she told NSW Police she did not want to proceed
  • Attorney-General vehemently denies allegations by woman that he raped her 
  • For confidential crisis support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 

The woman who accused Attorney-General Christian Porter of sexual assault – which he vehemently denies – met police at least five times before telling investigators she didn’t want to push forward with her complaint for health reasons. 

NSW Police have issued a detailed statement describing how a strike force investigated the woman’s claims the senior Morrison Government official raped her on a debating trip in Sydney in January 1988.

Police said the highly educated Adelaide woman, 49, first met with Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad officers at Kings Cross Police Station on February 27, 2020, along with a support person. 

At the meeting, the accuser told officers she had a number of health problems and that she ‘dissociates’. 

Disassociation is described by Australian health authorities as ‘a mental process where a person disconnects from their thoughts, memories or sense of identity’.

She said she ‘wanted to ensure when supplying her statement that was as coherent and as grounded as possible,’ the police statement said.

Christian Porter outed himself as the Cabinet Minister accused at a press conference on Thursday, where he categorically denied raping the woman when he was 17 and she was 16

The woman first attended Kings Cross Police Station in Sydney's east (above) in February last year and met with officers

The woman first attended Kings Cross Police Station in Sydney’s east (above) in February last year and met with officers

In the statement, police said officers were assured she had help from professionals, her family and partner and their ‘primary concern’ was ‘victim care and welfare’. 

Detectives contacted the woman on at least five occasions over the following three months, the statement said. 

‘During the contact had with her, her ongoing welfare was discussed along with a plan for how and when her statement would be taken,’ police said.

‘On 23 June 2020 the woman sent detectives an email indicating she no longer felt able to proceed with reporting the matter, citing medical and personal reasons.

‘The woman very clearly articulated in that email that she did not want to proceed with the complaint.

‘She also thanked investigators in this email. She was very grateful for the time and support the Investigators provided to her.’

The next day, June 24, a strike force detective replied to the email. That was the day the woman took her own life at home in Adelaide. South Australian police informed their NSW counterparts that the woman had died on June 25.

Later, police ‘came into possession of a personal document purportedly made by the woman sometime prior.’

In an unsworn statement circulated among media and political circles, the woman claimed the incident occurred in 1988 after a night of drinking and dancing in Kings Cross. 

The woman attended a national debating competition in Sydney with Christian Porter (above)

The woman attended a national debating competition in Sydney with Christian Porter (above)

A visibly shattered Mr Porter last night sensationally outed himself as the Morrison Government minister who had been accused. He did so in order to categorically deny the accusation and insist he will not stand down.

‘It just didn’t happen,’ he repeatedly said. The 50-year-old former public prosecutor confirmed he attended a debating competition at Sydney University with his accuser when he was 17 and she was 16.

However, he denied ever sleeping with the woman.  

Several of the woman’s friends have called for an independent investigation into the claims. Police are still separately investigating the woman’s death for the South Australian Coroner. 

The new police statement comes amid controversy over officers earlier this week declaring their investigation ‘closed’ due to there being ‘insufficient evidence to proceed.’ 

Daily Mail Australia contacted a former lawyer for the woman for comment.  

For confidential crisis support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.