Coffee mugs recalled for exploding when filled with hot liquid- after dozens are severely burned

More than half a million glass mugs have been recalled after they began shattering when filled with hot liquid, dousing coffee drinkers in boiling liquids and slicing their hands.

So far, the company behind the mugs, JoyJolt, has heard from 103 people who have reported the mugs breaking upon contact with a hot liquid, which is exactly what the mugs are designed to hold.

Dozens of people have been injured from using the faulty cups, suffering burns and lacerations across their body. In some cases, people were so severely injured they required surgery.

JoyJolt is a popular glassware company that sells many similar products, including mugs, wine glasses and champagne flutes, but this recall only applies to its 16oz Declan Single Wall Glass Mugs.

The recall affects JoyJolt’s 16oz Declan Single Wall Glass Mugs (JG10242), which shattered upon contact with hot liquids

According to JoyJolt: ‘Our 16 oz Declan Single Wall Glass Mugs may not hold up to heat as well as we’d hope, increasing the potential for risk. So let’s make it right.

‘To date, we’ve received 103 reports of such incidents out of the 580,000 mugs sold. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re taking immediate action by issuing a voluntary recall of this product.’

Users can reach out to the company for a refund.

Of the 103 incidences of the glasses shattering, 56 people were injured, including 35 burns and 21 cuts. 

Seven people had to go to the hospital for medical care including undergoing surgery and receiving stitches for the injuries they suffered.

The products were sold through Amazon and the company’s website from September 2019 through May 2022 for between $20 and $25 for a set of six mugs.

Most of JoyJolt’s mugs are double-walled glass, which have two layers of glass surrounding an insulated pocket of air. 

The Declan mugs, though, are a single layer of glass. Glass is highly sensitive to temperature changes, and adding hot liquid like coffee can cause uneven contraction and expansion of the glass, causing it to shatter. 

This is not the only cup recall to occur this year. In March, more than 440,000 Starbucks mugs were recalled after customers reported they also overheated and broke.

There were 12 reports of the ceramic and metal-coated mugs malfunctioning, which resulted in 10 injuries, including severe burns and blisters on customers’ hands, as well as cut fingers.