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Commercial Flagpoles – How to choose the correct one?

Recently the flagpoles are being used both by the business houses as well as homeowners. But the usage of commercial flagpoles is slightly more owing to modern day marketing and advertising requirements. And the market today is replete with multiple choices. It often becomes befuddling for the business houses to make the best choice.

Are you thinking of purchasing a commercial flagpole for your brand promotion and advertising campaign? And you have a specific budget and requirement to adhere to? If yes, then you can check out Atlantic Flag & Pole Sale for more options and useful details. However, before you purchase, you need to consider the following points:

Flagpole height

Generally, commercial flagpoles vary between thirty and sixty feet. And it is usually composed of steel tubing or aluminum. Depending on your requirement, you might require anything between two and three and sometimes more flagpoles, based on the way you want the flag hoisting to appear. However, ensure that the flagpoles come with ample space in between so that it can wave freely. If you wish to install larger flags, leave sufficient space for extension.

Know the mechanics well

Primarily, there are two variants here. One is the halyard system, and the other is a rope and pulley system.  It helps to raise and lower your flag. The external halyard systems get situated external to the pole. Here the flag is attached to the rope that gets looped via a wheel of a truck, right atop the flagpole. The rope gets wound around the cleat directly beneath. It helps to lock your flag at a particular place and avert it from moving from one end of the flagpole to the other.

Always keep security as the primary concern

For more durability and protection, you need to say yes to an internal halyard system. Here the cable or the rope gets linked inside the pole. You can access it using a specialized winch via a hinged door compartment close to the shaft base. Also, make sure that you choose a revolving truck. Hence, this flag will not get wrapped around the flagpole in case of climatic changes.

Flagpole material

One of the essential considerations to make is about your flagpole material. You need to select a material that’s credible, durable and commercially viable. One of the best materials that you can safely choose is commercial steel flagpoles. In terms of strength and durability, it is unbeatable. You don’t need any expensive upkeep or maintenance. However, since its steel, you need to check once in a while for rust development.

But if you wish to opt-in for a more classic look and appeal, you might want to choose the bronze alloy commercial flagpole. This material usually gets used for historical or any national architectural projects. Bronze alloy gets darker as it ages and that is the only downside you need to get concerned about. So you need to ensure essential maintenance to keep it in its natural shade as much as possible.

Purchasing a commercial flagpole is not as easy at it seems. Today, there are so many options available online. However, you need to make the correct choice that will last you longer. You can use these pointers to arrive at the best choice.

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