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Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Buying Guide

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, there are numerous types available. You first off need to know what you want you get, and know about the different types, which we’ll cover in this post. These refrigeration units are usually powered by electricity and more different types of gases that are used for food service refrigerators, vending machines, supermarket refrigeration systems, walk-in coolers and refrigerators, as well as normal reach-in refrigerators, worktops, and much more.

If you’re a restaurant and you have the space, you may save time and money by using a walk-in refrigerator as compared to a whole wall full of standard reach-in refrigerators. We’ll cover some of the more popular solutions for you in this commercial refrigeration equipment buying guide.

What Types of Reach-In Refrigeration units are there?

There is a wide variety of what each type of reach-in refrigeration unit is for, but they are all known to keep food as cool as possible for health and safety reasons. Common places for these are normally located in the back of stores or in the kitchens, and they’re not designed to display food items.

If you want, you may have a glass door put on it, but it’s normally meant for staff literally to make sure they can see the food product being used. These refrigerators are often used by staff and they are a quick way to have items readily available for themselves to use while working (food supplies for a shift, etc.).

Uses of Merchandising Refrigerators

Merchandising refrigerators from are literally to display product publicly. Many of these are more common for customers to use, such as in front of deli’s, and for vending purposes (many Subway restaurants use these to hold things like their water bottles and sports drinks, etc.), as well as grocery stores to hold products for direct sale.

The Benefit of Worktops

Worktops are the most commonly used type of small storage refrigerators in restaurants, fast food restaurants, and even pizza joints, because they offer the availability of using the top as a prep table.

Walk-In Refrigerators

By far one of the most popular in restaurants and fast food restaurants alike, these coolers are a giant room of refrigeration for your goods to be stored for longer than just “overnight” like many of the previous models. You have to check your stock regularly, but these coolers are meant to be only accessed by staff.

Conclusion: How To Buy the Right Refrigeration

In order to choose the right commercial refrigeration for you, you need to consider what the purpose of your refrigeration is to be intended for. If you’re wanting something for the public to be able to use, you may want a merchandising cooler, display case, or even a bar cooler.

If you’re wanting it directly for staff, you may need to get more than one type, from walk-in coolers for long holding of product, all the way to worktop or reach-in refrigerators. And of course, you can always choose to provide your staff with regular refrigerators for their own personal use in order to save money. Pick the size you’ll need for your business, and think and measure the pros and cons of each one of them well before you jump the gun into buying a unit you don’t need.

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