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As we go about our day to day activities, we are sure to come across threats to our health, which sometimes can get very serious.

While many might have to go to the hospital to get treated, having a home GP can be very handy.  A home GP is simply a home doctor that is contracted to meet your health needs. Not only do they save you the stress of mobility and high costs, but they can also attend to you after working hours, especially during emergencies.

While some specific ailments would require a home GP’s attention, some cases require a much more standard treatment. It is vital to know which illness that requires you to call a home GP. For this cause,  we have compiled a list of common illnesses that a home GP can handle effectively.

Some Common Illnesses and Ailments You Can Get A Home GP To Treat

Cold, Flu and Other Similar Conditions

Cold and flu are some of the most common illnesses. A cold does not necessarily require you to visit the hospital or need a home GP to come over. However, while some can be mild, a few cases pose to be quite critical, especially when left untreated. A home doctor can come to the rescue at times like this.

Apart from health services, home GP also offer consultation services. With as little as a phone call, you can learn about all you need to keep the situation under control. Flu, however, is much more advanced than a cold. Most times, it starts like the common cold and gradually exhibits some more severe symptoms. If left untreated, flu can become very critical. A home GP would need to come over in most cases and offer treatment.

A home GP is like mobile hospitals with all you need to get healthy, except in extremely critical cases or when accompanied by severe complications.


Allergy is a common illness that can be triggered at anytime and anywhere. Allergies are reactions to a certain food, smell, clothing, and a lot of other things. Allergies, just like asthma, are critical because they can happen at any time, especially times when going to a hospital, is not feasible.

There are different treatments for different allergies. Your home GP would have the health history and condition of you and your family. This makes it easier for them to administer treatment even in times of emergencies. In cases of allergies, all you have to do is call your home GP, and they will come down to give the necessary treatment.

Another advantage of a home GP is that you can also call them to your current location (although this depends on your agreement and relationship with them). To put allergies and other similar conditions under control, calling a home GP is your best bet.

Cuts and Minor Lacerations

Minor lacerations, cuts, and small injuries sustained around the home can be treated with a home GP. Leaving these injuries untreated can lead to an infection. However, most times, going to a hospital would be unnecessary for such small lesions. A home GP is who you need in cases like this.

Some cuts can be quite deep and require stitching. Your home GP can have this done for you without leaving your comfort zone. From wound treatments to necessary injections to prevent infections, your home GP would cover all of them.

Underlying Health Conditions

Many people live with underlying health conditions that need to be monitored. Staying in the hospital can incur high costs. Seek the help of an after hours GP in situations like this. They frequently drop in to check the health status and conditions, and they also administer treatments from time to time to make sure things are going well with you. In emergencies, a home GP is much more reliable than going to the hospital, especially during late hours.

Severe Pain and Fatigue

Sometimes we feel a sudden pain in certain parts of our body. While this is mostly because of fatigue, it also could mean that there is something seriously wrong somewhere. A home GP can correctly decode what message your body is passing across and administer pain killers suitable to your health.

Animal Bites

Animal bites are also prevalent. They may be from our pets or random animals. Being bitten by an animal that is wild or has had no anti-rabies treatment can be very dangerous. Not only do you sustain injuries that open you to infections, but also you are at risk of getting infected. A home GP is experienced in such common cases and would handle health situations like this perfectly.

When choosing a home GP, do well to select one that is close to your home and relatable. Like food poisoning and fever, many other conditions can be stopped before they become critical with the help of a home GP. Before rushing off to the hospital at every slight situation, do well to contact your trusted home GP.

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