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Common Summer Plumbing Issues 

The summer season is almost everyone’s favorite. People travel elsewhere; kids are home and do a lot of activities on weekends. Everyone enjoys vitamin D. Changes to your plumbing system may occur every summer.

Hot months can be extra challenging in your plumbing. The heat and activity place your pipes and appliances under pressure. The most excellent way to handle the problems is to be ready for them. Here are the most common plumbing problems-how to fix them provided by Lex’s Plumbing.

In the summer, more people are at home all at once. Kids are home and usually less aware of plumbing approaches than adults. Pay attention to the usual plumbing issues such as clogged drains, disposal of garbage, and the like. Doing that can help you prevent minor plumbing problems from getting big in the summer.

Outdoor plumbing connections commonly form rust, cracks, and leaks during off months

Summer is the best time to check on your plumbing system, including looking at outdoor faucets for damages and leaks, gutters, and sprinklers. Check your system, especially sprinklers.

Your sprinkler is your best friend during this season, watering your lawn or even playing with your kids. Those activities may cause unseen cracks or leaks during the cold months. Repair them early this season so you can enjoy the summer season without receiving a high water bill.

Gas or sewer line interruptions due to summer planting

June, July, and August are the perfect seasons for gardening. Whether you are planting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or squash – you have to pay attention to where it is going.

Gas and sewer lines are often located in your yard. Know where they are before you dig, and make sure you are not about to cut into any pipes with your shovel.

Flooding in Basement: Rains in the summer happen more frequently than you may imagine. Sometimes sudden rain pours can swiftly turn into flooding issues. Inspect your sump pump is in good condition after the winter to prevent flooding in the basement in the summer.

Clogged Disposal: Summer months are the right time for picnics and fresh fruit! It also means a lot of leftover food. Ensure you are throwing your food waste well and know what can and cannot flush it down on your drain.

Clogged disposal is very usual in summer since grease and fruit pits will clog your drain fast and stop it from working well.

Clogged Toilets: In the summer, kids are out of school; and it implies that they and their friends will use the bathrooms for their restroom breaks. The added usage and flushes will develop wear on chains, flappers, and handles, possibly forcing you to fix them sooner than expected.

Sprinkler Issues: In-ground sprinklers are particularly weak in the summer. With too much foot traffic on your lawn, it endangers your sprinkler systems. A misplaced foot could break the sprinkler head and cause leaks.

A leaking sprinkler is often tough to locate since sprinkler heads are made to spray water. Yet, the problem will soon be noticeable in your water bill. Leaks on your sprinkler will skyrocket your water utilities and increase your water bill.

Slow-Clearing Shower Drains: Summer is full of trips to the lake and the beach. Things like dirt, pebbles, and sand can get stuck up in swimming suits and leave in the shower, clogging the drain.

It is advisable to wash off at the beach, outdoors, or using a public show before using your own bathroom to keep away from ankle-deep water flooding in your shower.

Another way to avoid clogging in your drain is to look closely at the drain cover. Also, you can stop clogged drains when you get rid of the hair that accumulates there.

Overloaded and overused Washing Machines: Summer vacations, outings, strolling outside, and many outdoor activities will increase the workload of your washing machine.

Overloading and overusing the washing machine can result in leaks in the hose. A hose leak will not only skyrocket your water utilities, but it can also lead to flooding your home. Fortunately, hose leaks in a washing machine are easy to mend. You can do it yourself for a few minutes.

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