Commonwealth Bank outage prevents millions of Australians from accessing accounts online

Massive Commonwealth Bank outage prevents millions of Australians from using their debit and credit cards online

Millions of Australians are unable to access their bank accounts online due to a nationwide outage.

Commonwealth Bank customers have vented their frustrations about the technical glitch preventing them from accessing their debit and credit cards online on Monday morning.

Some customers have some of their accounts appearing on the Netbank website and app while others have none at all.

Other customers have complained about of their cards being declined while shopping online.

Commonwealth Bank has confirmed it’s aware of the problem.

Millions of Commonwealth Bank customers have been unable to access their accounts due to a nationwide technical outage (stock image)

‘We’re aware of an issue with the CommBank app and NetBank affecting credit cards and debit cards,’ the bank tweeted.

‘Some card settings may also be unavailable right now. We apologise for disrupting your morning, we’re working urgently to fix this as soon as we can.’

The bank claims online direct debits should be operating as normal.

Angry customers have vented about the inconvenience online.

‘This seems to be happening too often of late. Commonwealth Bank is certainly not what it used to be. It’s just bad luck for the “customer.” Pathetic,’ one woman posted. 

Another added:  ‘It’s not just affecting usage of our cards, it’s affecting our access to our accounts. So I cannot pay anything via Netbank, online or by Eftpos , I can’t even go into a bank to get money out because you closed any branches close enough to me where I can get cash out and pay for petrol with cash because it’s the only option left.’

More to come.