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Complete Guide to Understanding the Cost of Commercial Awnings

Installing an awning at your house or commercial site has many advantages. They are installed over a door, patio, or window in order to provide shade from the scorching sun. Professionals can easily install the awning for your business within a couple of hours.

If you are a business owner and own a commercial site, then it’s highly recommended that you get an awning installed. The average cost of getting an awning installed is $2600, but it can range between a minimum of $1000 to $4000 and above. The total cost depends upon a number of factors such as type of material, size, and location. Let’s take a look.

Cost of commercial awning according to its type

Awnings come in different types, including manual retractable, non-roll up, canvas, and motorized awnings. Each of the different types has its own characteristic features and costs.


The average cost of installing a canvas fabric awning lies between $260-$750. The canvas fabric is durable and is worth the money. Canvas awnings also add beauty to your commercial site. Canvas fabric awnings can be customized, which is one of the top reasons why canvas awnings are generally preferred. However, if your business is located in an area that faces unfavourable weather and climate conditions, then canvas awnings aren’t a good option.

Manually retractable

The cost of buying a manually retractable awning ranges between $450-$1600. They can be folded and retracted manually using a lever based on the weather. They are ideal for patios. A manually retractable awning offers more control to business owners over their outdoor experience. The slop of the awning can be adjusted manually to provide protection from rain and sunlight.

Stationary awnings

Non-roll up or stationary awnings cost between $200-$550. They may be made up of canvas or metal, depending on your needs and requirements. They are the cheapest among the other awnings and are preferred. However, they are not flexible and, once fixed, stay in the same position. You can only adjust it when you install it. This can be a major drawback if your area suddenly has bad weather.

Metal awnings

The cost of installing metal awnings ranges between $200-$850. A metal awning is durable, flexible, energy-efficient, and requires low maintenance. It is the most stable and steady type of awning, but they do have their own drawbacks and disadvantages. Metal awnings are not that visible and are an idea for large areas such as the patio. They are generally made out of aluminium, but other metals can be used for their construction.

Mechanical retractable awning

These types of awnings retract automatically, which is why they cost around $2500-$4000. They are the most expensive type of awnings available in the market. They may be made out of canvas or metal. From all the types of awnings for restaurants available in the market, this is the most ideal if your restaurant is located in an area with uncertain climatic conditions. It may be expensive, but the cost is worth it.

Cost of commercial awning according to its size

Each square foot of awning costs around $7 to $10. However, this price may vary according to the material used, condition of the area, and the total area that has to be covered. But the greater the area, the greater the cost will be.

Deck, window, or patio

The cost of installing a door or window awning is comparatively less as compared to the deck, patio, and porches awnings. Door and window awnings cost between $150-$400. They are cheap because the type of awnings used in these locations is usually not retractable. They provide permanent coverage, privacy, and protection from sunlight.

On the other hand, awnings for porches, patios, and decks are more expensive and cost between $550-$4000. The best three types of awnings for your deck include retractable awnings, fixed or stationary awnings, and portable awnings.

Additional costs for adding accessories

Some business owners and homeowners may prefer installing accessories along with their awnings, such as side curtains. This will add up to $200 to the total cost. You can save a few dollars if you get these accessories installed along with the awning. Other accessories include mosquito nets which cost between $150-$300. If you wish to cover the entire patio with an awning, then it will cost you between $8000-$24000.

Getting a permit

Commercial businesses and buildings need to get a permit before they can install an awning. Attaining a permit will cost around $30-$100. Before taking a step, it is recommended that you consult your contractor, who will guide you on whether a permit is needed or not. Some houses and other residential buildings may also require a permit to install an awning, but that is very rare.

Cost of installing the awning

Now that you know the average cost of buying the different types of awnings, you should also know about the installation cost. Apart from the cost of buying the awning, installation costs range between $170-$500. Each square feet costs between $6 to $9. The expense of installing an awning consists of the electrician’s part and the professional’s part. It can take from 1 hour to 5 hours to install the awning.

The bottom line

According to the type of business you run, a commercial awning adds decor and beauty to your building’s outlook. Apart from adding beauty, awnings have multiple benefits, which is why you should totally invest in installing an awning.

However, before you make a final decision, it is highly recommended that you contact professionals and search the market because every awning has its own purpose, benefits, and drawbacks that should be in accordance with your needs and requirements.

For example, installing a canvas fabric awning in an area that faces unfavourable and uncertain climatic conditions will destroy the awning, and your investment will be a total waste. Do not let your money go down the drain because of your quick decision. Give it thought and time.