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Complete Guide To Use Meme In Social Media Marketing

Memes have become a worldwide social phenomenon. Just like emojis, selfies, infographics, and GIFs, Memes, have also become an indispensable method of communication on social media. It is a modern way to share entertaining content on social media. Due to its vast reach, and the ability to incite shares, it is seen as a potential tool to incorporate in content marketing as well as social marketing programs. Let us look at the best ways to use a Meme in social media marketing.

How Should A Website Use Meme For An Effective Social Media Marketing?

Create Original Memes

Create unique memes that are brand specific. It will help put across the right message that makes your brand connect to its audience effectively. Refer to PutPut to find a collection of immensely popular and hilarious that has made social media crazy.

Slightly Vary a Popular Meme

You can spin a famous meme to generate good feelings in people. As they are easy to recognise, there are greater chances that people will relate to them. Add a text to them to make it relevant to your brand. Form your meme library with permitted content or obtain permission from the legal owner of that content so that you can use it in your marketing campaign.

Add A Fun Element to them.

Add funny content like funny videos, text, and images to make your memes laughable and hilarious. A meme that succeeds in making its audience laugh has the potential to create better engagement with them. It will also encourage the viewer to share it in their social media circle. This will, in turn, help make your brand more visible to new audiences who view your meme as a result of sharing.

Make them Relatable

To make the right impact on people, your meme has to be relatable and relevant. It should be based on present-day topics that your viewers care about. If you are looking to find some fresh stuff, and ideas for meme creation, then refer to #PutPut #LustigeBilder #pr0gramm.

Make it Attractive

Create attention-grabbing meme by using crisp and meaningful content. Customise it by adding cool animations or personalise meme templates with the help of a sticker, a logo, or altering the text.

Use it Seldom

People prefer fresh and relatable content to its quantity. To not come off as pushy, or promotional, you should use it sparingly on your social media website. This way, your audience will surely praise your efforts.

Use Free Meme Generator Tools Like Adobe Spark

Do you want to create a visually impactful meme but do not have much time, then you can take the help of a wide range of free design tools. Adobe Spark is one of the best tools that allows you to generate impressive memes that will create a lasting impact.

Ways To Use Memes in The Social Media

If you are new to social media marketing, then here are four simple ways using which you can incorporate memes into social media content in the right way.

  • React to any latest cultural phenomenon or a trending moment
  • Be a part of a Meme-Style Challenge.
  • Screenshot any relevant Tweet
  • Repost Appropriate User-Generated Memes


Memes are growing in popularity. You can find meme-related content almost everywhere on visual content platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram, IGTV, Pinterest, and Twitter. Due to this reason, more and more websites and businesses are focusing on creating them to exploit their potential to their advantage.

Trust your humorinstincts and use them thoughtfully to obtain the desired reactions from users. The more you create, and use, the more you will become proficient. So, go forth and post a meme!