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Complete Solution for an On-demand Plumbing App

An app like Uber for plumbing services requires detailed and complete solutions for its development. On-demand apps will easily connect plumbers and customers within a few taps. The first and foremost questions that arise in mind, “Will it be a lucrative option to invest in on-demand apps for plumbers?” The answer is yes. ‘Statista’, the number 1 business data platform, reveals great scope for on-demand app plumbing app. Business owners can easily connect plumbers to customers with the help of on-demand apps.

Plumber App Layout

  • Easy Booking Assistance

The advanced booking option will suggest nearby plumbers. Furthermore, users can book anytime and track the location. This is a customized option for users.

  • Toggle

This option is specially designed for business owners and service providers to show their availability. This option is important, as customers will get recommendations or suggestions only of available service providers. This can only be adjusted with one tap.

  • Scheduling

This option will let users or customers reschedule or book for services, depending on their requirements.

  • Rich Interface

The apps should be easy to understand and use. An intuitive interface will easily present things in an organized way; users or customers can easily understand and search for their requirements.

  • Flexible Cancellation

Customers or users can easily cancel bookings at one tap. This is one of the most important features of the customized app.

  • Instant Alert

This option is useful for all. Admin, plumbers, and customers can get essential updates related to requests, services, payments, cancellations, bookings, etc.

Furthermore, the panel will be divided into three segments: admin, plumbers, and users. Customers, service providers, and business owners can register and manage their work with apps. Check out the following features of the app.

To make an advanced app like Uber, tech-savvy needs to focus on key features. Some features will be common in all three apps i.e. for business owners, service providers and users while some are different. Let’s talk about to gain insight.

Key Features to Add

Chat Option: This feature is important, as it will allow users and plumbers to communicate easily. For example, they can fix schedule over the chat option.

Locational Favorites: This option will filter the search for nearby users or plumbers. Thus, this option will help users to find plumbers based on their preferred locations.

Automatic Notification: Customers can easily get every minute update related to the services. For example, booking, cancellation, scheduling time, arrival time, etc.

Social Login or Sharing: Users can easily register through social channels or platforms. Customers or users can further share and promote apps through social media platforms.

Live Navigation: Customers or users can get real-time updates of plumbers through live navigation. They can get every minute detail of plumbers.

E-wallet System: The integrated e-wallet will allow customers to pay as per their willingness. An integrated platform will allow users or customers to choose the desired payment option. This is an important part of any advanced app like Uber. If customers find difficulty in accessing their preferred modes, then, they can choose any service.

Integrated Analytics: The dashboard will show owners minute details related to appointments, users, carpenters, earnings, etc.

Loyalty Programs: This will not only help in marketing your app but the retention of customers also. For example, you can offer discounts through referral and promotional activities.

Advanced Search Option: Customers can evaluate a competent option, matching their requirements. For example, they can search as per services required, cost, etc.

The above-given features are advanced and required for creating an app like Uber for plumbers. Now, you can start applying changes.