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Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, Hartford

Don’t Gamble With Your Freedom!

Once you use their services, you will NEVER see bail bonding the same. They honor their word and pride themselves in exceptional, reliable, professional service…SO COME FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

Connecticut Bail Bonds Group’s top priority is providing its clients the fastest and most efficient professional service possible when processing your bail bond, all while maintaining the integrity of the post bail process. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group are all that you need to get out of jail fast.

With their networking system, they have the expertise to write out of state bonds quickly, efficiently, and with them as little inconvenience as possible. This is a unique benefit to family and friends; thus saving them time, money, and preventing them from having to travel out of their state. An arrest causes much confusion and anxiety with families. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group takes the time to answer the question and provide any assistance needed to provide solutions for all concerned.

What can bail bond company do for you?

Dealing with law issues can be exhausting and confusing. There can be documents to fill out and countless hours of preparing for court. If you are suspected of a crime, they will provide you with bond services and will put up a fee for your release from jail. Instead of spending your time awaiting trial in a cell, you will be released until your trial date. The bail bonding company works with those facing traffic warrants, non-arrest situations, city arrests, county arrests, and nationwide state and federal immigration cases, among other kinds of violations.

Trusted bail bonding for Hartford!

When you choose this bond company, you are choosing a fair bail bondsman who will even work with you to make arrangements over the phone. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group staff is dedicated to providing fast and efficient service to each one of our customers.  They are willing to negotiate prices for their bail bond services with fairness to each case.  We know every situation is different, therefore they offer easy payments, low prices, and a convenient location.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24-Hour Service
  • Close Proximity to Local Jail
  • Agents Centrally Located To The Tri-Cities
  • Fast Response Time
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Free Attorney Referral
  • Honesty Is Our Policy!

Connecticut Bail Bonds Agency in Hartford is very much an available remedy or means of legal redress when it comes to legal problems. Just like in any other state, bail serves as a security for the temporary freedom of a defendant or accused involving all felonies. According to the Penal Code, bail can be secured by any defendant and that he or she cannot be released on bail except upon a judicial order of a court of proper jurisdiction.

When the defendant successfully posted bail, he or she is discharged from judicial custody. A certified bail bonding company may assist the defendant in his application for bail. A person who is charged with a capital offense may be released out of his or her recognizance. Either way, a reputable bail bonding would give you the proper legal assistance in such cases.

Bail bonds are perfected upon the signing of a surety bond contract. This is where the amount is stated, and the collateral to be used to serve as security for the bail bond. Bondsmen then appear before the court to ensure that the defendant will appear during court schedule hearings. Make sure that the bonding company is licensed to conduct legal business on your behalf. Check if it is licensed by the State Department of Insurance following the Insurance Code.

Remember that bail bonds are not a matter of right in some cases but that of privilege. A go signal from the court must be recognized before you go looking for bondsmen to take off your bail application. If granted, bondsmen are in the best position to help you out in matters of legal issues and bail petitions. The bail bond is then released once a final judgment is rendered by the court. The agent then has the responsibility to return assets and collateral that came into his or her possession because of the bail bond.

If you are charged with an offense under the laws, why post bail? First is to have temporary liberty and be released from prison. You do not have to endure incarceration since this relief is afforded to you under the Constitution. This will enable you to hire a good lawyer and prepare well for your defense in court. Another good reason is that your rights are protected under the bail system.

There are reputable bail bonding companies around but ask for someone duly affiliated with the courts and licensed by the state. The wrong choice in your licensed insurance surety company might put you in a lot of trouble.

Only those with the legal personality to represent you in court can post bail for your behalf so make sure that the one representing you has the authority to do so. Contact a credible bail bonding company and be well-represented before the court.