Conor McGregor posts first pictures of the nasty injury that postponed his UFC 303 clash with Michael Chandler as the Irishman hits back at Chael Sonnen’s claims he had entered rehab

  • Conor McGregor’s fight with Michael Chandler was cancelled due to injury
  • The injury was unknown and some had speculated that it was a cover-up 
  • Former UFC star Chael Sonnen claimed he was in rehab for alcohol and drugs

Conor McGregor has responded to those doubting the injury that forced him to pull out of his fight with Michael Chandler by posting pictures of his broken toe. 

McGregor and  Chandler were finally meant to meet in the octagon at UFC 303 on June 30, culminating a feud that has lasted nearly two years.

However, rumours of a McGregor injury began to circle after the Dublin press conference was cancelled without explanation earlier this month.

And it was revealed last week that McGregor, who has since promised to return, had to pull out of the fight due to another injury.

The injury itself remained unknown but McGregor has now revealed all in an attempt to stop the likes of Chael Sonnen tarnishing his name, posting a series of photos of his broken toe and an x-ray.

Sonnen said the fight was cancelled because McGregor was ‘in rehab for drugs and alcohol’, though he later backtracked on these claims.

McGregor also posted on Instagram with a long caption explaining the situation.

‘Man, we were so f****ng super ready for this fight it is absolutely gut-wrenching to take,’ he wrote. I want that new Bugatti how I gone justify to myself getting that now without banking these fights. 

‘We had a lapse in concentration and engaged in a training session without wearing the full protective gear and I hit the toe off the elbow and broke the toe clean,’ he wrote.    

‘It needs a few weeks that’s it. I couldn’t justify to my team, or fans, that I make the walk hindered again. That walk has been seen. This next walk has got to be, and it will be, 100 per cent

The fans deserve it and we are getting close. A slight lapse in concentration and a nuisance of an injury was picked up.

“That’s it. Take the lesson and move forward. I will get this back. I’ve got too. I’ve got two fights left on my contract. I’ve got Bugattis and more yachts on my mind. I’m coming to shine. I gotta just take my time. Cos I still got yachts and Bentleys and mansions and all the rest. Ya know yaself. But ya get me, I’ll be back. See ya’s soon. See ya at the top. Chandler or not.”