Construction worker who fell and hit his head at work site walks away without any serious injuries

New York construction worker is carried to safety after hitting his head falling from a building in Soho but miraculously escaping without serious injuries

  • A construction worker fell from the fourth floor to the third floor at a work site 
  • The construction worker and some girders fell at the same time
  • He suffered a bleeding head wound and was taken to the hospital
  • The construction worker managed to survive the ordeal without serious injuries 

A New York City construction worker who fell one story and hit his head at a building site managed to escape without any serious injuries.

The incident occurred at a SoHo building site Friday at around 2.30pm, the New York Daily News reported. 

Witnesses said the man and some girders fell one story — from the fourth floor to the third floor — and that the man, who has not been named, hit his head in the process.  

A construction worker walked away without serious injuries despite falling from the fourth to the third floor and hitting his head at this building site (shown prior to construction beginning)

One witness told the News that the construction worker had to be brought down from the third floor in a rescue basket, or litter, and that the man was ‘bleeding from the head.’ 

The construction worker was then taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Despite the fall and hitting his head, it’s said that the construction worker didn’t suffer any serious injuries. 

Three of the building’s seven stories have been built so far. The building is expected to house luxury apartments as well as a retail space.