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Content Writing Agency Vs In-House Writer | Which One Is Better?

Being a business owner or a project manager, you understand that content is an indispensable requisite when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t matter which industry or field you’re dealing with; good content is always a selling point.

Customers today expect to be offered impartial information regarding the products and services. And the most consistent, original, and entertaining you are, the more you are preferred by them. To accomplish better popularity, businesses turn to writers or a content writing agency that offers quality writing services. But the question is which one is better? Let’s compare and find out.

Hiring In-House Writers

Companies with a capacious office setup usually prefer salaried employees that can work either part-time or full-time. In-house writers or staff writers work under a predetermined schedule on the company’s premises, where they are under constant supervision.

They are hired based on their relevant expertise and are trained so that they can adapt their writing as per the business requirements. The training can be carried out by you or even by a member of the team. The process, however, demands a considerable amount of time and if you don’t have sufficient free hours, it might not be best to hire an in-house writer.

When to hire?

It is best to recruit an in-house writer hen…

  • You have sufficient time to interview and train the writers.
  • You are devising a team for the writing project.
  • You are looking for consistency in your work.
  • You have an editor for polishing the written content.
  • You have enough office space to accommodate the team.


  • The quality of the content will be consistent.
  • You will have a strong relationship of trust with the employee.
  • You can hire multiple in-house writers to target special projects.
  • You can discuss edits and changes personally with the writers.
  • The whole team can sit together and devise an effective content strategy.

Things to Consider

Hiring a writer that can generate high-quality content does not mean that he/she will be able to pull off industry-specific projects right away. You might have to train them, which will cost extra. During the selection procedure, it is recommended to focus on the suability as much as the general expertise of the writers.

Don’t forget the sick days and leaves, which can put a stop to your work, especially if you don’t have a team of writers. That’s why a business must consider hiring multiple in-house writers with versatile skills to cover the days for each other.

Even if your writer excels in creating quality content, you will still need an editor to remove errors and finalize the product. Consider this additional cost of editing and reviewing before choosing an option.

Hiring a Content Writing Agency

Businesses that neither have the time nor the expertise to hire and train in-house content writers opt for content writing agencies — companies that provide different types of writing work under one roof in a short period of time. The contract with such agencies can be either short-term or even long-term, depending on the business’ needs.

The process of hiring a content writing agency isn’t troublesome at all, but rather quick and easy. All you have to do is filter out the right service providers and reach them out via email or a call. Some even provide free samples, so that you can judge the quality before hiring. Even if you reject it, you can keep the free sample and use it as your own content.

When to Hire?

It is best to hire a content writing agency when…

  • You are short on time and resources to interview and train the writers.
  • Your work includes writing work from diverse fields.
  • You do not want to put up a team for the project.
  • You prefer the outlining, creation, and handling of your project by a third party.
  • A small project needs special attention.
  • Industry experts are needed for a particular niche.


  • 24/7 customer service will keep you informed about the progress of your work.
  • The project will be handled by industry experts that specialize in the field.
  • You can get the job done in a short period of time, especially in case of emergencies.
  • A content writing agency eliminates the need of hiring an additional editor or reviewer.
  • The generated content will be SEO-friendly, allowing it to rank higher faster.
  • You can enjoy a consistent flow of content without the writers asking for days off or leaves.

Things to Consider

Finding a reliable content writing agency with a strong history, good reviews, and feasible prices is a real challenge. It may take some time, however, not as much as hiring an in-house writer.

Don’t forget to examine the company’s history and the review section. If there are sufficient positive reviews, it is safe to assume that the agency is trustworthy. In case of bad reviews or hidden review sections, run as fast as you can from such businesses.

The outcome of the company’s work depends hugely on your initial input. For instance, the company will ask for the topic, writing guidelines, and other information to create the content that suits your business needs. Make sure you provide extensive guidelines so that the agency can generate a desirable piece of work.

Ask about the number of revisions allowed. Some companies offer unlimited revisions, allowing you to tweak the work as much as possible. Therefore, look into this option before selecting any writing company.

In-House Writers Vs Content Writing Agency| Which one is better?

Now that we have dissected both types of services, it is time to compare the two. So, let’s get started.

Time: Considering the time required for the interview, training, and internal management, hiring in-house writers isn’t a time-efficient option. This option works best when you and your team have the time to run an assessment test before hiring, train the individuals, and supervise them during work hours.

A content writing agency, on the other hand, is an incredibly time-efficient option. They consist of a huge team of writers that are always ready to tackle projects, especially on short notices.

Quality: It depends on the type of writer or company you have signed up for. So, the quality varies. You can find both a content writer and a company that can provide high-quality, original, and appealing content. The former, however, requires an additional editor or reviewer to polish the final work, whereas a reliable company eliminates this need.

Versatility: Different writing projects call for different writing approaches that include variable tone, style, and voice. An in-house writer isn’t always proficient in dealing with multiple writing styles, on the opposite, excels in a particular field. A writing agency, meanwhile, can handle diverse projects at the same time. If you are looking for writers with great versatility, a writing company is what we will recommend.

Cost: The overall cost fluctuates, depending on your need, but generally, in-house writers are cheaper. However, if you are seeking industry experts, they will charge as much as any content writing agency. Companies charge extra for the time they are saving, and of course, the unparalleled quality they are offering. On the whole, neither one is good nor the other is bad, it all comes down to your personal preferences.