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Coronavirus Australia: Anti-vax protesters chant ‘kill the bill’ over proposed law in Melbourne

Hundreds of protesters gather in Melbourne chanting ‘kill the bill’ battling against mandatory vaccinations and the state government’s proposed pandemic law

  • Protestors marched in Melbourne on Saturday opposed to mandatory jabs
  • Many activists claimed they are not ‘anti-vax’ but instead are ‘pro-choice’ 

A thousand-plus protestors have taken to Melbourne streets to demonstrate against mandatory vaccinations and new laws set to be introduced by Daniel Andrews.

The ‘pro-choice’ activists massed at the State Library in the CBD and marched through the city, despite Saturday’s rainy weather in the Victorian capital.

Many of the demonstrators claimed they were not anti-vax, just opposed to Victorians being forced to get vaccinated. 

The demonstration was organised under the ‘Rise Up Melbourne’ banner, the Herald Sun reported.

Organisers directed plans via an encrypted Telegram group, instructing marchers to ‘bring signs, megaphones and flag’.

Marchers within the crowd chanted ‘sack Dan Andrews’ as they headed for Victorian State Parliament.

Many held signs, some of which read ‘coercion is not consent’ and ‘Dan is the virus’.

At one point traffic came to a standstill at Swanston Street. 

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