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Coronavirus Australia: Residents in a Sydney apartment block in lockdown due to Covid cases

Hundreds of residents in a Sydney apartment block are stopped from leaving after reports a number of Covid-infected cases are inside

Another Sydney apartment block is in lockdown amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak inside the building.

Hundreds of residents at the six storey apartment block in Campbelltown in Sydney’s south-west have been stopped from leaving their homes.

All perimeters of the building are surrounded by police officers to ensure no one enters or leave the building on the orders of NSW Health, Channel Nine reported.

NSW Health is yet to provide any more details.

NSW recorded 199 new cases on Tuesday after four consecutive days of daily new infections of more than 200. 

Campbelltown is one of eight Sydney hotspots where only authorised workers are permitted to leave the local government area.

Residents can only shop and exercise with a five kilometre radius of their homes must wear a mask whenever they leave the house. 

More to come.