Coronavirus cases spike as six people are admitted to intensive care

Coronavirus cases spike with six people admitted to intensive care – as a Sydney University function could have potentially exposed hundreds to the killer virus

There has been a spike in coronavirus cases in Australia, with six people admitted to intensive care with the deadly illness.

There are now 307 cases of coronavirus in New South Wales, and health officials have warned that an infected person could have passed the illness on to people who attended a function involving the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland.

Health officials say they have seen an increasing trend towards travellers returning from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States with coronavirus. 

NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant said there are 70 potential coronavirus cases being investigated in the state, and 46 confirmed cases believed to be transmitted while in Australia. 

Ms Chant said an event involving rugby teams from the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland at the Sydney club’s function room on Saturday night was attended by someone infected with coronavirus.

‘All people who attended this event are considered close contacts of a confirmed case and we ask that any attendees immediately self-isolate themselves for 14 days,’ she said.

Ms Chant said she wasn’t sure how many people attended the function.

‘It’s clearly a large function. This is very precautionary. And it occurs in a function where we basically can’t really identify very clearly how groups moved around in a space,’ she said.

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